Nobody Knows

Rosella Brimmings.

A simple name for a simple girl.

Or so you'd think.

Rose is a volunteer worker at the orphanage where she has an accidental run in with the boys of One Direction.


What they were doing there she had no idea, nor did she care. She wasn't one of those fangirls they had. She liked to keep to herself most of the time, or hang out with her two best friends.... when she wasn't at the orphanage that is.

Rose loves it there, she finds the place so full of life, with people smiling and joking, laughing and singing.

It was home to Rose.

The people were friendly and cared for each other, they were her family. Something Rose had never had before.

So what happens when Simon puts One Direction on the scene?

He decides the boys need a change of scenery and Australia was just the place for them.

With a twist of fate, they end up volunteering with Rose and that was when things became messy...


1. Prologue








Some people say that in order for the sun to shine, a storm must brew.  Others say that life is fate and you’re given what you get. What I believe is that everything happens for a reason.


There’s a reason the dinosaurs died, a reason why the sky is blue and not red, a reason why the grass is green and a reason why we are who we are.


Life is never easy, and never will it be, but it’s what people do with the life that they have been dealt that make an individual who they are. It’s what you do with yourself that determines what the world will do with you. And it’s how you handle situations that determine how you handle your future.


Life is full of challenges, life is full of regrets and life is full of mistakes, but it’s also filled with clear paths, easy decisions and many right choices. For every smile there is a tear, for every laughter there is a sadness.


But it doesn’t matter, for these are the times we will remember the most. The times where we were challenged and the times where we challenged others.


After all, what is life if everything is handed to you?


What is the point of living if you’re never challenged?


What is life if you’re never faced with choices and decisions?


What is life, if you can’t live it?


Many things happen in life, the majority bad.


We experience loss and violence, and we experience hardships and sorrows, broken hearts and fights and some experience the worst pain of all.


The pain of no family.


But hey, everything in life happens for a reason right?


And you know what they say:


“You have to have a darkness...for the dawn to come”




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