Nobody Knows

Rosella Brimmings.

A simple name for a simple girl.

Or so you'd think.

Rose is a volunteer worker at the orphanage where she has an accidental run in with the boys of One Direction.


What they were doing there she had no idea, nor did she care. She wasn't one of those fangirls they had. She liked to keep to herself most of the time, or hang out with her two best friends.... when she wasn't at the orphanage that is.

Rose loves it there, she finds the place so full of life, with people smiling and joking, laughing and singing.

It was home to Rose.

The people were friendly and cared for each other, they were her family. Something Rose had never had before.

So what happens when Simon puts One Direction on the scene?

He decides the boys need a change of scenery and Australia was just the place for them.

With a twist of fate, they end up volunteering with Rose and that was when things became messy...


3. Chapter Two


Chapter 2


Rose POV


“Rio! Stop it! I’ll be right back! I’m just going to find JJ!” I said fighting off the huge goof trying to lift me onto his shoulders. “He told me he was out front and that people weren’t letting him in. Whoever these volunteers are that Sar has found… well, they must be famous or something.”


I turned to skate out the door and waved at the kids inside.


I couldn’t help but grin and giggle while spinning around at the pout Rio sent me.


Skating down the hallway, everyone stepped out of my way waving at me and rolling their eyes.


They were all used to having me skating around here these days. It was a normal occurrence. So much so that when I didn’t skate, they knew something was wrong.


The orphanage was my home and coming from a past like mine, we take whatever home we can get.


Not letting the dreary thoughts about my past consume me, I skated faster, heading to the door behind which one of my best friends was sure to be waiting.





I flung the door open to be met with the annoyed face of Jason Jackson, aka JJ, as we all called him.


“ROSIE! Thank gosh! A semi normal person! Tell them to let me in! They think I’m some sort of crazed fan or something!” JJ cried as soon as he saw me.


I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow at him.


“And why would I do that, JJ? You just called me semi normal, implying I was semi mental.”


JJ grinned at me crookedly.


“You told me to never lie to you Rosie, so I’m not. You my dear friend, you are semi mental.”




“You love me.”


“True. Now come on! We’re about to jam out! Bells and Rio are getting everything set! He’s with me.” I added to the security guard who had been watching the exchange between the two of us.


I grabbed hold of JJ’s arm and dragged him inside, still skating around.


I loved skating. It gave me a thrill… like I was flying and no one could touch me. Like not a thing in the world could hurt me.


Not many things gave me a thrill like that. I never felt safe unless I was either around my two big goofs, skating, or most of all when I was playing my music.


“Awwh! Why’d you leave those two in charge! You know Bells will want to do a One Direction song and Rio will give into her puppy eyes immediately!” JJ whined from beside me.


“Hey, I like One Direction, ok?”


“Only because ‘they’re so lush and adorable and so cute and can sing and… and… and… sooo gorgeous!’” I laughed at JJ’s impersonation of a fan we had run into once at a One Direction concert.


As a surprise for Bells, JJ, Rio and I had bought her front row tickets to a One Direction concert and she still claims to this day that Niall Horan grinned right at her and winked.


I couldn’t help but smile at the adorable little girl I had come to know as my baby sister.


“THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!” JJ yelled out making me jump and then start laughing as he tried to continue to sing.


I was surprised no one came running down the hallway to see who was brutally torturing an animal.


That would have been the first thing I would do.


But then again, people are used to hearing much weirder things when the boys and I are around.


“J, you need to stop. My eardrums are going to die from your voice.”


“GASP! How could you, RoRo?! That was like a knife in the heart!” JJ said dramatically grabbing hold of his chest.


“Tis true my dear. You sound like you’re killing a poor defenceless animal. That makes me sad.” I pretended to wipe a tear from my eyes while pouting.


“Oh, that does it.”


He grinned at me evilly, and before I knew it, he had his huge arms wrapped around my waist, and he had lifted my up onto his back.


“Come on JJ! Put me down! You can’t just decide to lift me onto our back! I’m perfectly capable of using my own two feet!” I yelled into his ear from where I was perched on his back, ruffling his hair.


“Awwwh, Rosie you’re no fun!” JJ said flinching from my loud voice in his ear and placing me on the ground, laughing along with me.


I poked my tongue out at him and spun around skating backwards.


What I didn’t expect was the five famous singers, and Sarah to be standing in the middle of the hallway, talking.


“ROSIE!” JJ called me, “LOOK OUT!”


But it was too late.


I had run… or skated more like, into the one and only Liam Payne.


And before I could get a handle on my bearings, I slipped and grabbed hold of the closest thing to me, which just so happened to be Zayn Malik… Oh god… today just wasn’t my day.


“WHAT THE FU—” Zayn began to say before I placed my hand over his mouth and gave him a non-threatening glare.


“Uh-uh-uh. No swearing when there are kids around.”  I told him glancing quickly at the door they were standing in front of.


I was sure that some of the younger boys were listening in and having celebrities swear in front of them was not a good idea.


Zayn simply glared at me, seeming like he didn’t care.


“I thought you said that the fans were younger. And that they weren’t crazy. She just tried to knock me to the ground, probably in the hopes of ‘knocking me off my feet’.” He said to Sarah with a scowl on his face.


It’s the same face he has in all the photos the paps take of him these days.


Bells was adamant that this was a phase and that he’d grow out of it.


I wasn’t so sure. But who was I to judge? I didn’t even know the guy.


Instead I just smiled at him politely, rocking back and forth on my feet.


“Oh, she’s not a fan. She’s always like that.” Sarah answered Zayn looking at me with a smile.


I blushed a little at the look she was giving me.


She looked at me the way my mother had.


The way any mother looked at their daughter.


Sarah was only a few years older than JJ, who was 20, yet she was a mother figure for almost everyone here, despite her age.


I helped her out whenever I could, but I was more of an older sister to the kids here, while JJ and Rio were like my brothers.


Needless to say, we were a great big happy family.


I looked up to see the glare Zayn was sending me, but I also saw the defensive manner in which he held himself.


It was the same way I used to hold myself, and sometimes still do, which is why I didn’t mind the glares he was sending my way.


JJ on the other hand, wrapped an arm around my shoulders defensively.


I looked up to see him glaring at Zayn with the same amount of venom as Zayn. I couldn’t help but smile at the big goof beside me. He really was like my big brother, and best friend all rolled up into one.


“If she’s not a fan the what is she doing here?” the tan boy in front of me asked Sarah, ignoring me completely.


“I volunteer here, love.” I answered him with a dimpled smile. I couldn’t help it.


I was thinking about Bells’ reaction when she found out who the new volunteers were.


“Anyway, you guys have fun exploring the place. Me and JJ here are going to go have a little jam session with the mini people. Catch you all later!” I told them with another smile and a slight wave, turning to walk away.


“WAIT!” I heard Louis yell.


Turning around, I looked at him with  slight raise of a singular eyebrow.


“We didn’t even get to introduce ourselves.” He ran a hand through his already messed up hair.


“I already know who you all are. If I didn’t Bella would have wrung my neck already.” I smiled thinking about Bells. “But I guess you guys don’t have my name. I’m Rose and this big hunk of cheese is JJ.”


“Cheese?” JJ asked, smiling.


“Yep!” I popped the ‘p’, “I like cheese.”


He simply shrugged and ruffled my hair.


“Hey! Don’t touch the hair. My hair.” I wagged my finger at him.


“Come on you silly goose. Rio is probably going to hunt me down cause I’m hogging you all to myself.” JJ grinned at me as he spun me around wrapping me in a hug, and placed me on his back again.


“Tell me again why I’m best friends with you two? You never let me walk anymore.” I fake pouted at him, resting my elbows on his shoulders and my chin on his head as we headed down the hallway back to the door through which I had come out of earlier.


“It’s ‘cause you love us RoRo. It’s cause you love us.” I whacked him on the head and laughed as we walked into the room.




“JJ! ROSIE! GUESS WHAT?!” Bella yelled as she tackled the two of us into a hug the moment we walked through the door, almost knocking JJ to the floor with me on his back.


“What’s up Jelly Belly?” JJ asked her with a chuckle.




The smile on my face became slightly forced at the mention of the song.


It was one of my favourite songs on the album, written by one of the most talented songwriters in the industry today, but it bought back unwanted memories when I sung it.


“I know how you love Ed Sheeran, Rosie and I love One Direction, so I thought we could sing Moments today?


Please? Rio said we could.” Bella said turning on her puppy dog eyes.


JJ and I both groaned.


There was no way we could say no to her now.


“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get the others shall we?” I asked in a posh English accent trying to cover up my tenseness.


I looked up to see that everyone had bought it. I was getting good at covering things up.


Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing I was still unsure of.



Zayn POV



We’ve been here a total of one hour and already I have been knocked off my feet, made a new enemy with that JJ guy, been hit on by the older teenage girls here and the boys are ignoring me again.


Not that I care all that much.


I mean, I’d leave and go for a drink, but Simon would probably kill me.


Besides, I was already on thin ice with the rest of the band. It didn’t take a genius to figure out we were falling apart. And I wasn’t doing anything to help it either.


And still, I smirked thinking about all the girls waiting outside.


I didn’t understand why the boys were making such a big deal about everything.


I was getting us publicity and we were known worldwide these days.


As Eminem says, ‘You have haters? Good. That means you’re doing something right.’


“Zayn!” Liam called me out of my mental musings.


I rolled my eyes at him. He was always on my case these days.


I saw the way he was looking at Rose though, so maybe while we’re here she can keep him distracted and he can back off my case.


Although, not even Danielle had managed that yet, and I doubt he and Rose would be anything more than friends.


For a second, the thought of Rose and Liam together annoyed me. For whatever reason, I had no idea.


I pushed this aside and scowled at Liam.




“Sarah just asked us if we want to go and watch the kids ‘jamming out’” he said placing quotation marks with his fingers when he said jamming out.


I shrugged knowing I didn’t have much of a choice.


I followed the boys as we all made our way down the corridor and through the door my new enemy and what appeared to be his girlfriend had passed through.


I scowled again and dug my hands deep into my pants pockets.


Why the thought of Rose dating the douche JJ annoyed me so much I had no idea.


Maybe it had to do with the fact that when she looked at me I felt like she was looking at me and not Zayn Malik from One Direction.


I felt like she could see right through me. As if she could see straight through the walls I had up.


And she didn’t look at me with sympathy or fear like the Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall.


She looked at me like I was a person.


Maybe that was it.


Maybe it was because when she looked at me, I didn’t want to scowl at her, but smile. Because when she looked at me, I wanted to let it all out.


Because when she looked at me I wanted to be the Zayn I once was.


She was undeniably pretty, but then again, so was Jessica and it’s the pretty ones you had to look out for.




I couldn’t let her break me.


I wouldn’t.



(Still Zayn POV)


We walked into the room which was filled with chaos.


There were kids running rampart all over the place and older looking teenagers sitting in corners keeping to themselves waiting patiently for what, I knew not.


I watched as JJ and another boy walked into the room and snuck up on Rose who squealed as they tickled her sides, her dimples appearing in her cheeks as she giggled.


“Ok, Ok guys. Stop!” She laughed as she finally escaped their grasp.


The boys and I were yet to be seen so we stood back, hoping to just get a vibe about what in the hell was happening in the room.


“Ready guys?” A little girl with bright brown eyes and hair so curly it could rival Harry’s, asked Rose and the two boys with her, clapping her hands together. Oddly enough though, the girl could pull the curls off.


“Ready Bella. Go sit with Sarah,” I turned and saw the lady whom had greeted us this morning smiling down at the girl named Bella and waving her over to the seat beside her.


“Testing, testing 1, 2, 3.” Rose began, tapping the microphone in front of her.


“Ok, well this song is called Moments by One Direction,” she continued after checking it was working.


The boys and I immediately snapped our heads up in her direction.


They’re performing our song?


Oh, god. I hope they don’t butcher it. I thought to myself thinking about all those other people who had tried, and failed, to sing this song many a times.


Smirking I leaned back against the wall, interested as to how this was going to turn out.


Rose picked up the guitar and began to strum it quietly, before she opened her mouth and sung.


“Shut the door, turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this even though I try”


The smirk dropped from my face as she continued to sing.


Her voice…


The emotion…


The rawness…


And above all…


The pain…


My mouth hung open, and a quick glance at my band mates showed a mirrored reaction on all their faces.


Looking around the room, I saw everyone else in almost the same state as us.


Some looked stunned.


Others looked sad.


And others still, looked stunned into sadness.


Looking back over at Rose, I watched as her eyes shut and her voice filled with pure emotion as she sung Lou's verse and a single tear spilled from the corner of her eye.


“Hands are silent
Voice is numb
Try to scream out my lungs
But it makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face”


I closed my eyes too and let her voice take over my body, the lyrics mixed with the pain in her voice tearing me apart inside.


What could have happened to cause someone so beautiful so much pain?



All too soon, the song ended and the magic in the air was broken with the last lingering note of the guitar.


I opened my eyes only to regret it a second later.


As soon as my eyes opened, I found myself looking dead straight into the bright green eyes of Rose.


Bright green eyes filled with such pain it made my heart break.


She gave me a small curt smile, before gathering herself and allowing an emotionless mask to take over her features as the room erupted into applause, cheer and praise.


She turned to everyone smiling and laughing, yet from the uncomfortable set of her shoulders, I could tell she was acting.


I did it plenty enough to recognise it on someone else.


I sighed to myself.


Keeping her out was going to be much harder than I predicted.


And keeping myself away from her would be even harder, because now I was curious, and once I get curious I need answers….

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