Nobody Knows

Rosella Brimmings.

A simple name for a simple girl.

Or so you'd think.

Rose is a volunteer worker at the orphanage where she has an accidental run in with the boys of One Direction.


What they were doing there she had no idea, nor did she care. She wasn't one of those fangirls they had. She liked to keep to herself most of the time, or hang out with her two best friends.... when she wasn't at the orphanage that is.

Rose loves it there, she finds the place so full of life, with people smiling and joking, laughing and singing.

It was home to Rose.

The people were friendly and cared for each other, they were her family. Something Rose had never had before.

So what happens when Simon puts One Direction on the scene?

He decides the boys need a change of scenery and Australia was just the place for them.

With a twist of fate, they end up volunteering with Rose and that was when things became messy...


4. Chapter Three


Rose made her way over towards the little girl who seemed to be jumping up and down in joy and wonder at the older girl’s talent.


Bella didn’t understand why Rose didn’t try out for one of those tv shows which could make her famous like x factor had for One Direction. She looked up to her like an elder sister and loved her like one too, believing with every fibre of her 10 year old being that the 18 year old was meant for something so much bigger than just volunteering here.


Rose however, disagreed, believing that this orphanage was where she belonged. With the people whom she had grown to love and whom had grown to love her too, despite their knowledge of her past.


Everyone knew there were people in this world who were closed off from society, keeping mainly to themselves and never really forming any sort of relationships with anyone. They were the people who were unable to open up to someone and everyone knew that Rose was one of them. She wasn’t the type to get attached, yet she had somehow formed a bond with Bella and the both of them depended on one another just as much as the other.


Then, somewhere along the road JJ and Rio had shown up and the four of them had formed an incredible bond getting stronger as the years went by.


JJ, Rio and Rose especially forming a special trio, just like how Bella and she had formed a special duo.


“That was amazing Rosie! You’re so good! I wish I had a voice like yours.” The little girl said, continuing to shower the older girl with praise, while she watched on with quiet amusement, her eyes alight with simple affection for Bella.


“Thank you sweetie.” Rose smiled at the girl in front of her. She was still slightly shaken by the memories the song had bought back, but she was able to hold them at bay for now.


“Bells is right R, your voice is something special. Why don’t you come to uni with us? You know to study music like was had always planned?” JJ asked, looking down at his best friend with hopeful eyes.


Neither he nor Rio wanted to leave Rose alone while they left for university in a few weeks, yet nothing they had said seemed to have dissuaded the stubborn girl in front of them.


They had somehow been able to convince her to apply to an arts college though, which was only a couple of blocks from where they were to attend their tertiary education, and she had been as excited about this prospect as the boys were, yet once the acceptance letter had come, Rose had refused to attend.


Everyone sensed it had something to do with her past, yet no one seemed to be able to connect the significance together. Sure her father lived in the area, but she didn’t have to see him, so they knew it wasn’t he who was stopping her from leaving, yet what it was, was still a complete mystery.


They were partially right too, but there was also a whole other factor as to why she wasn’t attending.


“J, you know I’m not leaving.” She told the blonde boy in front of her.


“Why not?” Rio, the third member of their trio, demanded.


“I just don’t want to. Music school just isn’t the place for me right now.” She told the two boys before her.


Rose felt terrible to for blatantly lying to her best friends, but she couldn’t tell anyone the real reason she didn’t want to go to university. They’d only try and convince her to change her mind, but Rose was adamant with what she wanted. She knew the facts and she knew what she wanted.


She was going to continue to live her life the way she was and although music school was the one thing she had always wanted to do with herself, she knew that it wasn’t going to be of much use to her in the future, so she didn’t see the point in pursuing the career she had always dreamed of.


It be of no use to her soon enough.


“Don’t Rio.” She told the dark haired boy before her as he opened his mouth to protest.


Rio and JJ both knew Rose was hiding something from them, but neither pushed her for any answers. She would come to them when she was ready, and they knew that.


The duo sighed, worried about what she was keeping from them. She hadn’t been the same for a while and even though she hid it well enough from most, it was still clear as day to the two boys that something was up.


“If you’re not going to school, can you at least try out for a talent show, or go looking for a record deal, or, or post YouTube videos? You should sing this again and this time we’ll record it and may the boys will see it and they’ll find you and make you go on tour with them!” Bella babbled on and on, completely unaware of the five approaching boys who seemed to have heard most of her fangirlish speech.


Four out of five of the boys had small smiles present on their faces, they were already enjoying their time here, while the fifth had a frown etched on his beautifully tan face and seemed to be battling with himself internally.


The last time these boys had been in Australia, it hadn’t been for long and they had always been meaning to come back for a possible break here.


Sure the situation that had lead them here now wasn’t ideal, but it was what they were given and they were planning on making the best of it.


Louis’ eyes were bright at the sight of so many little kids, he had always been a big child at heart and he loved the idea of entertaining the little humans. A smile etched his way onto his face, his blue eyes alight as he realised that he had an entire summer (and plus some depending on Simon), where he could chill with his best mates, play with little kids and just be a kid himself. As well as possibly mend the cracked and fractured friendship he had with the man he used to share all his secrets with.


Harry’s eyes too were alight with wonder at how joyful an atmosphere there was around this place. He was in absolute awe at how with simply her presence, Rose was able to demand the attention of everyone, including the little children you’d expect to run rabid. Ever since Zayn's change in attitude, the atmosphere  around the band had been tense and ice cold, none of them knowing what to say to the others. The band had been on the verge of collapsing, yet within an hour of being here, Harry could already feel the change between them. And as minute as it was, it was still a change. He smiled, looking around him. He could get used to this atmosphere.


Liam looked between the little girl and Rose, wondering what their relationship was. And not just there’s, everyone around the place seemed like they had some sort of bond with one another. It wasn’t like an orphanage at all. It was more like a huge family with members from all over the world. He grinned, mentally congratulating Simon, having finally figured out why he had sent them here. Here before them was a family. Not one directly blood related, but a family none the less and if you called them anything other than a family, you would be mistaken. Liam understood now that Simon had sent them here to show them what they once used to be like.


Five brothers.


From the moment they had met, all of them bonding over a shared dream. He glanced around the room again, this time thinking about his girlfriend. She would have loved to been in a place this lively. He smiled, vowing to skype her as soon as he could, to show her around and describe to her the magic he had witnessed earlier. This thought bought him back to Rose. What was she doing here, and why?


Niall on the other hand couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of Bella. There was something about those curls and those greyish eyes that he remembered from somewhere. The closer he approached her and heard her gush to the older girl before her, the more it tugged at his memory, begging him to remember. Then all at once, it all clicked. She had come to one of their shows and then a meet and greet afterwards. Rose had been there too, only she had stayed away back and watched rather than meet them as well. Bella had given Niall a letter which he read almost every day. He wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad when he read the letter but he had promised that one day he would find that little girl to thank her for the letter, as it was this letter that kept Niall, Niall. He grinned, ready to fulfil the request she had asked of him at the end of the letter. It was something simple, yet he knew just by observing from a distance that this would mean the world to her.


As Zayn's feet carried him across the room towards where Rose stood with the boy from earlier and a few new faces, his thoughts reeled in self-conflict. He didn’t trust Rose, yet there was an indescribable force that was drawing him in towards her. An invisible pull that was telling him it was worth getting to know this girl, that she was different.


And she was.


There was something that yelled out to Zayn. Whether it was her guarded green eyes, or the way she held herself in a defensive manner, he was unsure. It could be both for all he knew, the lure of her mystery something he couldn’t ignore no matter how hard he tried. But he wasn’t giving in that easy.


He wasn’t letting his heart tell him what to do anymore. He was closed off from everyone and nothing was going to change that.


Especially not some girl who thought that she could worm her way into his life. Because that’s exactly what he thought she was doing. Worming her way in to tear him down from the inside out, just like how people had done in his past.


Looking over at Rose smiling so freely, surrounded by people who cared for her, he felt a surge of anger stemming from the pit of his stomach which was alight with envy at her carefree nature.


She may not be a trusting person, but to Zayn she was living the perfect life. He was certain that she had never felt pain in ways that he had, certain that her childhood had been a breeze, flowing through to her teenage years which she was living now.


He was sure from the way that she dressed, that she was well off, that she had always been well off and this angered Zayn all the more.


Throughout his childhood his family had never been well off, struggling to make ends meet as most parents do at some point in their lives, except it seemed for Rose’s.


She probably had parents who cared for and loved her, yet because she spent her free time volunteering at this orphanage everyone looked on her like she was some sort of gift from above.


Zayn scowled just as the band finally reached their destination, Bella slowly turning around, her eyes widening slightly before she grinned and turned back to Rose, hugging her tight as if it was her doing bringing them here.


He scowled all the more, certain that his presumptions about Rosella Brimmings was more than correct.


If only he knew how wrong he truly was.


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