Nobody Knows

Rosella Brimmings.

A simple name for a simple girl.

Or so you'd think.

Rose is a volunteer worker at the orphanage where she has an accidental run in with the boys of One Direction.


What they were doing there she had no idea, nor did she care. She wasn't one of those fangirls they had. She liked to keep to herself most of the time, or hang out with her two best friends.... when she wasn't at the orphanage that is.

Rose loves it there, she finds the place so full of life, with people smiling and joking, laughing and singing.

It was home to Rose.

The people were friendly and cared for each other, they were her family. Something Rose had never had before.

So what happens when Simon puts One Direction on the scene?

He decides the boys need a change of scenery and Australia was just the place for them.

With a twist of fate, they end up volunteering with Rose and that was when things became messy...


2. Chapter One


Liam POV



“Come on Zayn!” I yelled up the hotel stairs at the brown eyed boy who was holding us up.


“Mate, we’re going to be late!” The curly haired boy next to me also yelled.


“I’m coming! Gosh, you guys need to chill. Why are we doing this again anyway?” asked Zayn sounding completely bored.


It didn’t take a genius to figure out he didn’t want to be here.


I rolled my eyes.


Zayn was different these days. He was no longer the same guy we had met during x factor.


His last relationship had changed him. Closed him off from the world, made him more defensive and sometimes, even heartless.


“We’re giving back to the public. You do realise if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be where we are now? Lighten up and enjoy today. There’s going to be a bunch of kids there, so please do try and smile.” I told him in a sugar sweet voice at which he glared and slumped in his seat as we got into the limo. He placed his headphones in his ears and shut off the world completely, ignoring all the worried glances the other boys were sending him.


I sighed.


That Jessica was a right work with what she did to him.


Zayn loved her and what did she do? She went ahead and began cheating on him.


None of us had ever really liked her and knew she was bad news, but Zayn just seemed to overlook everything she did wrong… that was until he went ahead and caught her in bed with some guy on their 8 month anniversary. Zayn was crushed that she would do such a thing. As it turned out though, technically she had been cheating with Zayn on the guy he had caught her with.


Both boys had decided to surprise her on the day, Zayn with their 8 month anniversary and the other boy with their 1 year anniversary.


No wonder why she never wanted to tell the world she was dating him.


She was already dating someone else.


She hurt Zayn and by extension she hurt the rest of One Direction.


Zayn had lost control after the breakup and he was spiralling, he was constantly out drinking or partying, leaving with a new girl every night.


Needless to say he wasn’t coping, and we couldn’t do anything about it.


He had developed a bad boy reputation and ours fans were not pleased. Those that were most dedicated, hoped and prayed it was a phase and stood by him, sending him inspirational messages on twitter, telling him they’d never leave his side.


That was until, a few nights ago when he drunk tweeted to the world that they meant nothing to him, that he was who he was and no one could change him. That he was famous and they were, as he put it, ‘useless sheep that followed his every command’.


I peeked up at the boy who had created such a tension between the rest of the band that the fun playful limo rides we used to have, have now turned into uncomfortable, tension filled rides where none of us knew what to say to the other without causing a fight to erupt.


All because of a girl.


We had sworn nothing of this sort would happen.


And yet it still had.


I shook my head thinking about the mess we were in.


Perhaps this ‘vacation’, as Simon liked to call it, was a good idea.


Perhaps it would do us all some good to get away from London and to a new place.


Perhaps it would bring Zayn, the Zayn we knew, back to us.


We could only hope.





The limo ride was short and as soon as we got to our location everyone was out the door, trying to evade the tension filled car and the boy who had created it.


“Hi! You must be the boys of One Direction. I have heard a lot about you from some of the girls here. We’re very honoured to have you five lads here with us. It’ll mean so much to the kids. So, welcome to Smithing’s Orphanage!” greeted whom I assumed was the manager of the place.


“More like welcome to hell.” Zayn muttered beside me. I gave him a pointed look and he simply glared back.


We all followed the manager inside while she talked about all the things we could help out with and different rooms and places that the kids stayed in.


As we were headed to the back garden where the lady whose name was Sarah was leading us to, I couldn’t help but look around at all the pictures on the wall, all the kids running around and all the little photographs that littered the place. There was one girl in many of them, her face a recurring feature in almost every photo.


It was clear that she had been here for a long time.


Whether as an orphan herself I didn’t know.


All I knew was that she was very pretty.


Heading down the corridor, we could hear the sound of children laughing and singing along to what I recognised as the Barney the Dinosaur theme song. I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered the times where the lads and I would get together at Lou and Haz’s place and just have a Barney the Dinosaur chill session.


It had been a tradition for us.


A time where we could just let go and act like kids without a care in the world.


It was a tradition that was not more.



Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination
And when he's tall
he's what we call a dinosaur sensation

Barney's friends are big and small
they come from lots of places
after school they meet to play
and sing with happy faces

Barney shows us lots of things
Like how to play pretend
ABC's, and 123's
And how to be a friend

Barney comes to play with us
Whenever we may need him
Barney can be your friend too
If you just make-believe him!”



I looked up to see the similar sad smiles and wistful looks on all the other lads except for one.


Zayn simply looked up from his phone and scowled at Sarah.


“Can you please get them to turn the volume down? We’re not here to get our eardrums destroyed.” He told the smiling woman in front of him. She faltered in her smile though at the distaste in his tone, and a small frown replaced it.


“Rio! Stop it! I’ll be right back! I’m just going to find JJ! He told me he was out front and that people weren’t letting him in. whoever these volunteers are that Sar has found… well, they must be famous or something.” We heard a female voice ring from ahead where the previous Barney song was coming from.


I watched at the door was pulled open and a girl skated out on rollerblades.


She had light sandy brown hair that ran all the way down her back and had a slim build, with just the right amount of curves. I didn’t get a good look at her face but I knew. I knew she was the girl from the photos.


It had to be her.


They had the same hair.


I watched as she spun around in circles and laughed at something the boy named Rio had said. She didn’t even notice us as she spun around and around then finally skated off down a different hallway.


“That’s Rose.” Sarah said as we all, with the exception of Zayn who was still busy on his phone, watched her glide down the hallway on her skates highfiving anyone who came in her way, or hugging them and stopping to chat or smile in their direction.


It seemed as though she knew everyone here and everyone knew her.


And even from the little interaction I had seen, I could tell that they were like a family.


We used to be like that once.


When we had Zayn… our Zayn and not the one the media portrays in the news every day.


I signed again for what felt like the hundredth time this morning.


“I should warn you, we have quite a few fans here. Especially the little 10 year old, Bella. That girls room is filled with pictures of you boys and she makes us all sit and watch your videos whenever she can.” Sarah told us, “but don’t worry. She’s completely harmless. She just looks up to you boys is all.” She added after seeing the worried look on most our faces.


“Come on JJ! Put me down! You can’t just decide to lift me onto our back! I’m perfectly capable of using my own two feet!” I head the same voice as before laughing as another one joined her.


“Awwwh, Rosie you’re no fun!” I saw a boy around my age pout up at the brunette girl on his back, whom I now knew was Rose, while she just laughed and skated towards where we stood with Sarah after he put her down.


Sarah was telling us something. Something I assumed was important, but I couldn’t look away from the girl skating towards me without a care in the world.


I don’t know what it was about her, but I just wanted to get to know her.


“ROSIE!” The boys whose name started with a J called out, “LOOK OUT!”


But it was too late.


She had already skated into me and, as she tried to gather her balance, she had knocked into Zayn, sending his phone to the floor as she grabbed hold of his arm to steady herself.


“WHAT THE FU—” Zayn began before Rose put her hand over his mouth and glared at him playfully.


“Uh-uh-uh. No swearing when there are kids around.” She said to him in a friendly, yet stern tone.


Zayn simply glared.


“I thought you said that the fans were younger. And that they weren’t crazy. She just tried to knock me to the ground, probably in the hopes of ‘knocking me off my feet’.” Zayn said to Sarah with what has become his signature scowl.


“Oh, she’s not a fan. She’s always like that.” Sarah answered Zayn as she looked at the smiling girl in front of her with fondness.


Rose didn’t even seem to care that Zayn was glaring at her in a venomous manner, she didn’t seem to care that we were famous and she didn’t even seem to be all that phased about what had happened really.


Sure she had a slight pinkness to her cheeks, but I assumed that was from embarrassment.


The boy beside her however, was glaring at Zayn with the same amount of venom as he lay his arm around Rose’s shoulders in a defensive manner.


He was protective of her. That much was obvious.


“If she’s not a fan the what is she doing here?” he asked Sarah, ignoring Rose completely.


“I volunteer here love.” Rose answered him with a sweet smile revealing dimples I hadn’t noticed she had before.


“Anyway, you guys have fun exploring the place. Me and JJ here are going to go have a little jam session with the mini people. Catch you all later!” she said with a smile and a small wave as she walked off.


“WAIT!” I heard Louis yell after her.


She turned around with a slight raise of a singular eyebrow.


“We didn’t even get to introduce ourselves.” Lou said to her, running a hand through his already messed up hair.


“I already know who you all are. If I didn’t Bella would have rung my neck already.” She smiled as she said the younger girls name. “But I guess you guys don’t have my name. I’m Rose and this big hunk of cheese is JJ.”


“Cheese?” the boy beside her asked smiling at her silliness.


“Yep!” She replied popping the ‘p’ and grinning goofily at him, “I like cheese.”


He simply shrugged and ruffled her hair.


“Hey! Don’t touch the hair. My hair.” She said an wagged her finger at him.


“Come on you silly goose. Rio is probably going to hunt me down cause I’m hogging you all to myself.” JJ grinned at her as he spun her around and wrapped her in a hug, lifting her onto his back.


“Tell me again why I’m best friends with you two? You never let me walk anymore.” She fake pouted at him, resting her elbows on his shoulders and her chin on his head as they headed down the hallway back to the door through which she had come out of earlier, leaving us completely forgotten in their wake.


“It’s ‘cause you love us RoRo. It’s cause you love us.” I heard JJ’s voice trail off in the distance with the beautiful girl on his back.


I turned to the other lads, only to be met with four sets of eyes following the two figures I had been watching only a moment ago as they retreated to the room.


Four sets. Not three like I had expected.


For the first time in what feels like forever, Zayn was looking up at something rather than his phone.


Or rather, he was looking up at someone.


He was looking up after Rose.


Rose… hmmm, perhaps this ‘vacation’ wasn’t such a horrible idea after all.


Maybe, just maybe, she could be what brings Zayn back to us….


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