Nobody Knows

Rosella Brimmings.

A simple name for a simple girl.

Or so you'd think.

Rose is a volunteer worker at the orphanage where she has an accidental run in with the boys of One Direction.


What they were doing there she had no idea, nor did she care. She wasn't one of those fangirls they had. She liked to keep to herself most of the time, or hang out with her two best friends.... when she wasn't at the orphanage that is.

Rose loves it there, she finds the place so full of life, with people smiling and joking, laughing and singing.

It was home to Rose.

The people were friendly and cared for each other, they were her family. Something Rose had never had before.

So what happens when Simon puts One Direction on the scene?

He decides the boys need a change of scenery and Australia was just the place for them.

With a twist of fate, they end up volunteering with Rose and that was when things became messy...


5. Chapter Four

A/N: OK, so I haven’t edited this yet, I never really edit my work, but usually I read over things, this time I’m a little rushed so I’m going to post it, but as soon as I get home I’ll edit it again!


Anyway, not sure if it makes any sense, it’s not my best chapter either, but I had to rewrite it again cause all my work got deleted and I only had time to type up this chapter. I’ll try and edit my other stories soon. Love you all!

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Chapter Four- Just Smile



“Rosie! OMG OMG OMG! It’s One Direction.” Bella grinned grabbing hold of Rose and hugging her tight. In her mind this was the absolute perfect moment. One Direction had just seen Rosie perform and maybe they could finally convince her to do what Bella, JJ and Rio had been trying to, ever since they found out their friend had such an amazing musical talent.


“Am I dreaming? Please don’t tell me I’m dreaming.” Bella murmured, looking at the five boys stood before her.


“Nope! You’re not dreaming at all sweetie!” Niall grinned at her, wasting no time in reaching forward to hug her. “Thank you for the letter. I read it every day. It keeps me grounded. And it’d be our honour to do what you requested, if you’d still like us to of course.” Niall said, a sparkle in his eye as he looked at the ten year old girl stood gaping before him.


The room had gone quiet after all those that were disinterested had left or had been ushered out the room for school and other activities.


“I TOLD YOU HE’D REMEMBER ME!” Bella suddenly yelled enveloping Rose in a hug. “Thank you so much!” She squealed, tightening her hold and squeezing the life out of Rose.


The boys gave her quizzical looks, while Zayn stood there his hands a metre deep in his pockets scowling at the scene before him.


“Rose kind of hunted those tickets down for Bella. She was up all night the day before they were to be on sale with five different computers, and when the site crashed, she didn’t have any tickets, so she head hunted people and somehow she scavenged three very good seats.” Rio told the boy band whom, dare he say it, had been forgotten.


Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis all nodded their heads in understanding, their frowns clearing up to be replaced with happy smiles.


“What are you guys doing here though?” Bella asked, her face transforming into one of confusion.


“They’re volunteering here for a while.” Sarah answered, appearing behind the group. “Now, Bella you have school. Rose, do you mind showing them around and showing them the strings. Rio, JJ I need the two of you to finalise all of your matters before you leave for school.”


“Bu-” the two boys began, opening their mouths to argue.


“No buts. If you had done it two weeks ago when I had told you to and not gone on vacation with Jess and Annie then perhaps you could have annoyed Rose like you’re dying to. But you didn’t. So you can’t.” The 24 year old said, a smile threatening to break its way onto her face.


“Fine.” The two boys sighed dramatically before their faces split into smiles and they began to push and shove each other out the door, racing away.


“Boys.” Sarah muttered under her breath, shaking her head and walking away with Bella.


“Um, well, where has Sarah shown you so far?” Rose asked, feeling uncomfortable in the presence of the five teenage superstars.


“Not much. Just around the front and the hallways.” Liam said, sensing Rose’s discomfort and smiling, trying to ease away the tension.


“Well I guess I can show you around outside and when the place is a bit emptier, I can show you the rooms?” Rose said, looking up at them in question.


“That sounds lovely.” Liam said very formally, making Rose giggle and the rest of the boys gave him alien looks.


“Can we go to the kitchen later?” Niall asked randomly, as they started walking out the back door, making the boys groan and mutter about his never ending stomach.


“Of course. I’m pretty hungry myself.” Rose grinned at him, slowing her pace to match his.


“Is there a place where I can take a smoke?” Zayn said, coldly interrupting the conversation Rose had struck up with Niall about the different types of food in Australia compared with other parts of the world. 


“Um, smoking isn’t prohibited here.” Rose said, her face contorting strangely when she looked upon the cigarettes Zayn held in his hand with disdain.


Zayn lost his cool for a minute, and his face softened slightly at the pained look on Rose’s face a she struggled to keep her emotions under control and to mask her face in indifference.


“Zayn. You know how management hates that you smoke.” Niall said, also noticing the pained expression on the girl beside him.


“And so do we. It’s disgusting quite frankly.” Louis said, having overheard Niall’s comment.


Zayn scowled at them. “You hate everything I do these days. Why don’t you just go ahead and say that you hate me. That’s clearly what it’s coming to.” He growled.


“We don’t hate you Zayn.” Harry said, sounding sad.


“Well you sure act like you do sometimes, always keeping your distance from me, only talking to me when you must or to tell me I’m doing something wrong. Whenever I walk into a room, you guys always stop talking, so don’t tell me you don’t hate me.” He hissed at the slightly stunned boys before him.


Rose stood there, feeling as though she was intruding on something and she slowly began to back away, trying to give them some privacy.


“Zayn… we—” Liam began but was cut off by Louis.


“Where are you going love?” He had spotted Rose backing away from their group.


“I just thought you’d all like some privacy.” Rose stated with a shrug.


“It’s ok love. We trust you to keep this between us. You don’t have to leave.” He smiled at her warmly, making Zayn’s glare become stony cold.


“You’re friendlier to some petty pampered up teenager you met 2 hours ago, who’s probably never had to struggle in life, than you are towards me these days.” He turned his gaze towards Rose, who was now supporting an emotionless mask.


Her eyes, Liam noticed, had lost their spark from earlier and were now a darkened green, like the sea would be before a storm. It was eerily beautiful.


“You wouldn’t know struggle Zayn Malik, if it hit you in the face.” Rose said controlling the emotions in her voice. “You’re protected in every way shape and form. I’m facing struggles that I shouldn’t be facing. Struggles that the likes of you should be going through.”


“Facing?” Harry asked her, “As in present tense?”


“Never mind. It’s not important. Let’s go get something to eat and then I’ll show you the back gardens.”


“What do you think she meant?” Harry asked Liam as they followed her inside with Louis annoying Niall and Zayn sulking in the back as usual.


Only this time, Liam couldn’t help but watch him throw away his smokes, a smile making its way onto the sandy haired boys face.


“I have no idea.” He said, coming back down from his thoughts and frowning at Harry’s question.


What was up with her? Liam thought to himself.


“She’s hiding something really big…” Harry muttered under his breath.


“Yeah, but it’s not our place to pry so there’s not really much we can do…” Liam said, staring at the tense set of Rose’s shoulders as she walked ahead.


Zayn was walking behind the two of them and he could hear every word his band members said and he couldn’t help but agree with Harry. It was clear that Rose was hiding something that only she knew about.


“Is that cake?” Niall asked, interrupting Zayn’s thoughts.


“Yeah,” Rose giggled as Niall eyed the cake, “I made it last night for whoever the volunteers were, so basically, it’s all yours.” She smiled, seeming more at ease.


Niall looked at Rose with puppy eyes, holding the cake out to her in permission.


“Go ahead Nialler. It’s for you anyway.” Rose said, leaning against the counter and watching as the boys devoured the cake.


“Would you like something to drink as well?” She asked.


“Yes please.” Zayn said, surprising not only himself, but all everyone else in the room as well.


“Are you feeling ok, Zayn?” Niall asked, placing his cake on the counter. “Perhaps you’ve got a fever?” He said reaching forward and feeling the tan boys forehead, a cheeky smile playing on his lips as Zayn swatted his hand away while the others laughed.


“I was just being polite.” He grumbled, while everyone returned to eating.


Rose turned around and reached up into the cupboard, pulling out six pieces of glass wear.


 Zayn couldn’t help but stare at Rose as she stood on her tippy toes, her shirt riding up to reveal a thin patch of skin on her back. There was something about her that was different to what he was used to and it was making it difficult for him to keep away from her.


The last glass Rose needed was a little higher up in the cupboard and as she reached up to get it, her shirt sleeve fell down to her elbow, revealing her forearm.


Zayn continued to analyse her, trying to decipher her every move when his gaze focused on the patch of skin and slowly his gaze focused on her arm where he couldn’t help but be taken aback by what he saw.


All over her skin was little white scar marks and Zayn couldn’t help but lose his appetite, placing his cake down and feeling a little guilty about how he had treated Rose since they had met. He hadn’t exactly made the best first impression.


The scars were circular in shape and they looked painful. And Zayn didn’t seem to be the only one who had noticed them. Harry also seemed to be staring at her arms, a frown on his face wondering how and why things like these happened to people like Rose.


“Apple juice or cola?” Rose asked the boys, breaking Zayn and Harry out of their thoughts.   


“Apple juice.” Harry said.


“Coke please.” Liam smiled.


“Cola too please.” Niall grinned.


“COKE!” Louis yelled grinning.


“I’ll have a coke as well thank you.” Zayn said, his mind still elsewhere.


They boys again gave him weird looks, but this time no one said anything and Liam had a slight smile on his lips as he bought his glass to his lips.


While the boys sat eating and drinking, Rose moved about the kitchen gathering different things and placing them in a basket.


Once she was done, she placed the basket on the kitchen table smiling at the boys, “do you guys want to see the gardens now?”


Niall looked up at Rose then down at his slice of cake and back up at Rose.


“You can bring the Cake Ni.” She grinned at him, rolling her eyes playfully.


The group all got up and began to slowly make their way out the door, following Rose out the door. Louis and Harry were spinning and dancing like a ballet couple while Niall sung What Makes You Beautiful in Spanish and Liam was on the phone with his girlfriend.


Zayn made his way towards Rose and fell into step beside her, walking in silence before he decided to break it.


“So… how old are you?” Zayn asked her awkwardly.


“18.” Rose said, raising her eyebrows and turning to face Zayn slightly in amusement.


“Are you in university? What are you studying? Music?” He asked her, seeming a little more at ease as he had a little more experience in the genre.


“Um, no… I’m not going to school.” Rose said, shifting slightly.


“You’re not?” he asked her confused, she had talent.


“No… it just isn’t going to be much of a use for me.” Rose muttered, turning right towards the small park they had behind the orphanage.


“But you’re really good.” Zayn blurted out, without really paying any attention to what he was saying.


“Th—thanks, but I just… music just doesn’t appeal to me much anymore.”


“It doesn’t?” Zayn seemed shocked, “but earlier when you were singing, you were so into it… and –” but Rose cut him off, unwilling to talk about this.


“Oh look. We’re here.” She said pointing out at the small picnic table and the play equipment surrounding it.


“SWINGS!” Louis yelled dragging Niall with him as he ran over.


“SLIDE!” Harry yelled at the same time, grabbing hold of Zayn and dragging him over.


Liam on the other hand made his way over to Rose and took a seat beside her.


“You’d never be able to tell that we’re not as close as we were during the x factor would you?” Liam said smiling a little sadly as he looked at his friends.


“You guys look the same as you do in all those video diaries you had during your time on the show.” Rose smiled turning towards Liam.


“Yeah… but if you look closely you can see the tension between them. I mean, look at the set of Zayn’s shoulders and the way Harry’s smile is slightly forced every time he smiles at Zayn. We miss him, you know?” Liam sighed, thinking about all the times he and the boys shared together where things weren’t so tense and everything was a blast.


“Everything happens for a reason Li. I’m sure you’ll have your friend back soon. I mean, I’ve seen little snippets of the guy he was before his break up.”


“You know about that?” Liam asked surprised.


“It was all over the news and magazines. Plus Bella keeps me updated on anything and everything related to you guys.”


“Well, we never liked her from the beginning, but with Zayn when he likes someone, he likes them. There’s no in between for him.” Liam shook his head, “and even though that’s generally a good thing, if things go wrong, well… you’ve seen the result. And I’m sorry about what he called you earlier” he added, giving Rose an apologetic smile.


“It’s ok. He was just worked up, I guess.” Rose accepted his apology, but she couldn’t help but think about the pang in her chest when Zayn had called her a ‘preppy pampered teenager’ who’s never had to struggle in life.


“He didn’t have an easy childhood. His parents loved him dearly and everything, but were never ‘well off’ I guess and when he sees someone who has been well off, it kind of upsets him.” Liam continued, oblivious to the rainbow of emotions clouding Rose’s face.


“Trust me Li, I’d rather have grown up like he did, than grow up the way I did.”


“What do you mean?” Liam furrowed his brows confused.


“A smile can hide a thousand tears Liam. Remember that.” Rose said before getting up and walking over towards the picnic, to set it up.


Liam too got up, following her movements.


“I don’t understand, Rosie. What happened?”


“Nothing anyone needs to worry about anymore.” Rose said, squeezing Liam’s hand for a second before turning back to the picnic.


After a pause, she turned to a still frowning Liam and added, “Just smile Li, because when you smile, the world smiles with you. But when you frown, you stand alone.”








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