A Favour for fellow directioners

Sorry if you thought this is a story. But its not. What i am going to do is write short one direction fan fics for other people. I dont know how good it will be. If you want one click read and the information on what to will be in it. I'm sorry if i cant do them all.


2. Update!!!

Hey all!!


Thanks to everyone who has read and wanted one. At the moment I am doing one for Kenzali1299 and then I am going to do one for lillie5. Thanks for the responses. :)

If i do one for you and you miss out a detail I am going to make it up. Also it would be great if you could give me your twitter name and I can then use that in the story.

Last thing if you have any questions you can email me on nikitaloves1d.1903@gmail.com.



Thanks :)


Nikita AKA. Nikita-Loves1D 

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