A Favour for fellow directioners

Sorry if you thought this is a story. But its not. What i am going to do is write short one direction fan fics for other people. I dont know how good it will be. If you want one click read and the information on what to will be in it. I'm sorry if i cant do them all.


1. Information on what to do!

Hey, So as it said in the descrption I am going to write 1D fanfics for other people.

What you need to do is this:

comment and say..

What name you would like to be used.

Who your perferred member is (if you have one).

If you want a relationship or a friendship.

Your Physical description

An outline of how you would like the story to go.

An idea of the title.

Your e-mail address (so when it comes out i can notify you or ask you on your opinion of the story).

And any other detail you might want to include. If it be others characters you want to be in the story or anything else.


What I will then do is choose one or a couple of ideas and write a story based on the idea with the persons name who came up with the idea.

I wont write the story in this book I will do a seperate one.

Lastly I might choose more than one persons idea and mash it with another idea. In that case I will put the people who it came from all in the story.

I'm not sure when I will start and update them. I will write in this book whose story(s) I have chosen to do. Sorry if I cant do them all. They also wont be extremly long and i might do sequels depending on how good the book is.

Lastly if you want a story with just your idea in it please say. I can't always do that though if I run out of ideas but will try my best.



Thanks alot Nikita :)

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