Never letting you go

Maddy is a 18 year old girl 2 years ago she dated Harry Styles until she broke up with him and before he was famous! Harry never stopped loving her and maddy never lost site of their love either. But after 2 years Harry sends a letter to Maddy.


11. out of nowhere

Maddys POV

I was waiting for Harry backstage at the concert we had made it just in time. But we got sutck in the paprazzi  asking my name, are we dating? I was going to faint again but then Harry grabbed my hand and helps me though the crowd. The first song hey sang was What Makes You Beautyful, then More Than This, finally they needed a quick break so they sang Gotta Be You. I thought after the song Harry would come back here for a moment but he said something that blowed my mind.

"EVERYONE I WANT YOU TO MEET MADDY!!!!!!!!" he says runs back here and grabs my hand. girls screaming.

"Ummmm Harry....... why.......... uot here?" i asked with an attitude.

"I want people to know you and that you can sing and dont say you cant cause Ive heard you before!"

i knew how to sing but i dont like to. the band puts my favorite song on, Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. why did Harry think i was going to sing in front of so many people??? well i do like to sing this song so i sang it.

" dry lightning cracks across the skys..." i sang everyone was standing up and singing along, and out of nowhere, i was famous!

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