Never letting you go

Maddy is a 18 year old girl 2 years ago she dated Harry Styles until she broke up with him and before he was famous! Harry never stopped loving her and maddy never lost site of their love either. But after 2 years Harry sends a letter to Maddy.


13. jealous lately?

Maddys POV

OMFG!!!!!! Today is our last day on tour!!! A year with these boys isn’t so bad. But Rachel can tell you a different story. I can’t wait to get home!!!! Harry asked if we could hang out of the day just the two of us. Awww. Everything is different now, like Niall. Well freaking duh!!! He is freaking sad but like Liam he has been acting weird around Harry and me. I wonder why? If he is pulling a prank on us I’m going to be pissed off!!!! I look at my phone, it freaking blew up with text messages from my dad!!!!! Ever since he yelled at me for dating Harry again I’ve just ignored him but he was threading me in the texts like

Dad: if u don’t answer me right now young lady I’m turning off your phone and if you say idc or idfc bout u dude then BIG trouble is coming your way missy!!!!  

What a jerk! Whatever I’m in love and that all that matters.

Liams POV

Harry is so happy with Maddy. I’m just not really happy with Danielle. She is amazing and all but I’m just not IN LOVE like Harry. I think I’m getting jealous of Harry!!! Can’t be I’m not the jealous type!!! How is this possible!!! Ugh!!!  I don’t want to tell any of the lads because they do have big mouths. What am I going to possibly do!!!! i got my phone out and texted Niall.

Me: hey Niallers.

Niall: hi mate L

Me: what is possibly wrong with you?? L

Niall: Rachel broke up with me!!!!!!!! No one told you!!!! Wait this just happened just like hours ago nvm.

Me: omg I’m sorry mate is there anything I can do? :/

Niall: when we get back home can you get me something from Nandos?

Me: sure mate anything!!

What am I going to do? I want to tell Maddy how I feel but I really don’t know how I really feel anyway.

I just am dating Danielle and all I just am crushing on Maddy!!!! Im so jealous of Harry. I think I need to get Maddys heart or i might lose it.

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