Never letting you go

Maddy is a 18 year old girl 2 years ago she dated Harry Styles until she broke up with him and before he was famous! Harry never stopped loving her and maddy never lost site of their love either. But after 2 years Harry sends a letter to Maddy.


18. Cheating?

Maddy POV

I wake up in Harry's bed! Naked. What, oh that's right I remember what happened. It was prefect. The sex was great! Is other 18 year old girl think like me too? Man, I just can't stop smiling! I go on twitter to see that there's this girl that keeps saying Harry's cheating on you! I understand that on twitter people lie, but I wondered. I've thought he could, does he check out girls when I'm not a round? No he wouldn't, would he? I go and knock on Zayns door, Perrie opens the door. 

"Hey Zayn can I talk to you please?" I ask.

"Sure Perrie can you give us a minute?", Zayn says. 

"No she can stay.", I say,"has Harry cheated on a girl before?"

"No he wouldn't ever.", he says. 

"Oh okay thank you!" I say and leave the room. 

What was I worried about, but the pain of the thought of it hurts so bad. I don't like this idea of someone hurting someone else. I start to text Harry but I turn off my phone. Ever since I started going on my phone, looking of twitter I have been stressed out. I need a me day. No phone, no One Direction, no nothing just me!!!!



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