Never letting you go

Maddy is a 18 year old girl 2 years ago she dated Harry Styles until she broke up with him and before he was famous! Harry never stopped loving her and maddy never lost site of their love either. But after 2 years Harry sends a letter to Maddy.


17. Brown eyes

Liam POV

"Bonnie! Bonnie!! BONNIE!" I say after yelling for 5 minutes!

"Liam?" She says,"omg wow you haven't changed at all!" 

"Well thanks? Anyway, can you tell Eleana to call me okay?" I said so happy to see Bonnie. 

"Liam", Bonnie starts, "Eleana died 3 years ago in a car crash!"

What I thought I was going to be though this going to be easy finding a girl to love? Why isn't it? I walk away without saying anything. I started to cry, but I don't want too. I don't want to waste my tears, she's gone and that's alright. All I could think was Eleana's brown eyes, so beautifu yet so gone. I remember we were on our first date and I could say a think I just stared into her eyes an I was in love! Oh I'm going to miss her.


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