Never letting you go

Maddy is a 18 year old girl 2 years ago she dated Harry Styles until she broke up with him and before he was famous! Harry never stopped loving her and maddy never lost site of their love either. But after 2 years Harry sends a letter to Maddy.


1. Before its gone

Maddys POV
I stare in to his green eyes curly hair. Harry Styles was mine!!!!
"Harry can we have a little talk?" I ask.
"Sure". He says.
"So since you are going on the X Factor I was thinking we should brake up cause I don't wanna be in your way cause I know you'll win. But with me you'll have more fun without me."
He stares at me like a I have something on my face.
"Ummmmmm sure if you don't want to be with me that's fine. Umm I should just…………… ya" Harry says my last time I saw him.
I thought 'why the hell would you brake up with Harry Styles!!!!!'

Harry's POV
Why did she brake up with me she knew I loved her!!!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just need to win the X Factor. And move on. But I can't move on if she's the love of my life
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