Bite and Prejudice

Elizabeth is a special girl, a common witch. When the vampires intrude on her territory she just might fall in love with the prince of the vamps, the question is will she let herself? The only other question is will The vampire prince allow such a thing as her species and standing in her society, stop him from loving her?


1. Mutts

I could sense them before I could see them, my sister Jane could too I think. They carried a distinct aura that any which could sense. Turning around I saw them, beauty in it's highest form, the vampires. They were watching us as well, I could hear the small snarl that ripped from a young looking female, made not born. The smug smile that formed on my lips wasn't necessary, but oh man I couldn't help it. Taking Jane by the arm I led her over to the vamps, a look of surprise and hatred darkening her face. When we reached them they were almost all snarling, all except two. 

"Hi there, you look kind of lost, need any help?" I asked in faked sweetness with a faux smile on my face. Of course the vampires could see right through it. 

"No need to pretend, I know you are witches." one of the none snarling vampires said, he was smiling as well and oh god he was beautiful. I shouldn't think that but it was true, he was so much better looking than the others but that just made him scarier. I dropped the smile, considering it was no longer needed. I got straight down to the point, which would probably mean a fight.

"Then  you also know this is our territory, you're intruding and I bet you also know what that means." I warned, we all knew what that meant. It was suppose to be an act of war, any species that dared to leave their land and go into another's was claimed to want a fight. I so hoped that wasn't what they wanted because I had already lived through one war of species, I didn't want to have to do it again. I was little when the werewolves tried to take over our home, we beat them but so many died, including my father. I looked over the vampires again, the other one that wasn't snarling had his eyes fixated on Jane, I let out a warning snarl and his eyes drew to me, one more growl had him glaring but at least he wasn't looking at my sister now. 

"Yes we are aware, are you aware however of the fact that we have been invited for the new breeding project." This got my attention, though not in a good way. I had heard rumers about the breeding project, they wanted vampires and witches to have children as some kind of truce. It was disgusting, not one witch would ever be happy to mate with a vampire.

"Oh, so you are the ones they brought in to create mutts with." I snarled, it was just so horrid. Babies were innocent little things, they never did anything evil in their lives but our elders dared to try and corrupt them. The elders wanted to bring them into something darker than the midnight sky in winter. How could they?! No, no, no, this was just horrible.

"Be careful little Emerald, your elders won't be happy if they hear you talking like that." The vamp said, sneering. I gasped in surprise, Emerald was my witch name though my real name was Elizabeth, how did he know that! This time Jane was the one to growl, no one looked at her but they all heard, I know they did because when a witch gave out any kind of warning everyone knew. I looked at Jane and she looked as horrified as I felt, children were supposed to be scared to vampires because there were so few, how could they allow this. The other vampires were all looking at me, all looking ready to tear me apart, well to god damn bad. I wanted to leave but I had to say one last thing first.

"Listen up pretty boy, I don't care what you do whist you're here apart from one thing, if you dare to feed from any human or witch I will hunt you down and destroy you." I warned before casting a movement spell that got both Jane and I home. The last thing on my mind before I went to bed that night was the vampire whom had spoken to me, and his incredible beauty.

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