Bite and Prejudice

Elizabeth is a special girl, a common witch. When the vampires intrude on her territory she just might fall in love with the prince of the vamps, the question is will she let herself? The only other question is will The vampire prince allow such a thing as her species and standing in her society, stop him from loving her?


2. Dreaming of an angel

I thought of her all day, the girl with hair so dark it could rival the night sky or the deepest depth of the ocean. Her eyes were so brown they made me feel warm and secure, her lips were redder than the juiciest berry or the darkest ruby, if you'll forgive the cliché. She was threatening and so wonderfully brave and protective, I had seen the way she growled at Tyler until he stopped looking at the girl who was obviously her sister. A dark angel, that was the way to describe her. Why did she draw me in so much? The girl clearly hated me, or at least hated my kind. I remembered reading her name on the mating list, she would be told she had to attend the meeting ball in a couple of days were she would meet all eligible vampire bachelors, myself for one. Tyler had been out all day, what he was doing I had no idea and I honestly didn't care. Night was coming and I felt myself getting weaker, unlike most legend vampires actually needed the light of day, they used it like a solar panel would use it, to create energy. As I climbed into bed, Emerald was on my mind again. I knew that was just her witch name but I didn't know her human one so I thought of her lie that, a precious stone full of  beauty.  Soon enough I was sleeping, I let myself wonder into a dreaming state.

The room was green, emeralds covered the walls and yes they were real. I stood behind a young looking girl with hair so dark it rivalled the night sky in winter, I was so close that if I just leant forward a little then my lips would touch her neck, so I did. Her skin was creamy and pale, soft as the silk nightie she was wearing. Suddenly the image changed and I was in a white room covered in diamonds, again there was a young girl in front of me. It was Emerald, her skin was still creamy and pale, in her arms was a tiny squirming baby wrapped in a pink blue blanket with sapphires on it. 

"It's a girl, we had a baby girl!" Emerald exclaimed and I felt a wide smile stretch on my face. I stared at the baby in her arms and knew exactly what to call her when I saw her stormy dark blue eyes, sapphire. I turned my attention back to the girl in front of me, my dark angel.

"I love you." The words escaped my mouth before I even understood I was going to say them, it was true. Emerald looked up at me with the biggest smile plastered on her face, it was a good thing I was a born vampire so that my heart could keep beating.

"I know, I love you too." She said and i leaned forward to kiss her, after which I kissed my daughters head, which was full of dark curls, she was defiantly going to look like her mother. That was ok though beause then I would have two of my very own dark angels.

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