If I'm Louder, Will You Hear Me?

When Harry Styles starts suffering from serious depression. He feels as if no ones there for him. Halfway around the world, Lily's heart is melting. What happens when these two meet?


2. Halfway Around The World

Harry's P.O.V.

Another night of crying myself to sleep. Another night. Alone. All alone. I'm pretty sure loneliness was the number one reason I went into depression. If only Louis were here. But he's gone on vacation with Elanor. He just left me with a psychologist that hates me. Hate…that's really all I feel these days. Today will be the same as always. Psychologist appointment at 9 am. Spend rest of the day at home alone. So I got ready for the day. The horrible, horrible day. I got into the car. Alone. Drove to Dr. Brummel's office. Alone. In the car I thought to myself "What if there was someone. Someone halfway around the world that could keep me company. Company. That would help me more than any evil psychologist. As I knocked on Dr.Brummel's door, I reminded myself to be as difficult as possible. Dr.Brummel opened the door. "Late as usual." she muttered. I gave her the dirtiest look possible. I really didn't like her. Everything about her-from her gray brown hair always pulled back into a bun from her ability to know what I'm thinking. The psychologist sat at her desk and pulled a tape recorder from a drawer. "Today, all I want you to do is talk into this recorder. Tell it how you feel. Every last word." I snatched the recorder, walked outside and started talking…
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