If I'm Louder, Will You Hear Me?

When Harry Styles starts suffering from serious depression. He feels as if no ones there for him. Halfway around the world, Lily's heart is melting. What happens when these two meet?


1. Same Old

Lily's P.O.V:

Beep…beep…beep. I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Like usual. I climbed out of bed, said good morning to my roomie and best friend, Victoria, who's always up early. As usual. I got ready for school and sat down for breakfast with Victoria. As usual. The day couldn't be any more normal. "Hey Lily," said Victoria between bites of cereal. "You know my favourite aunt, the one from the U.K? The one that's a psychologist?" I nodded. (It's rude to talk with your mouth full. Tori, however doesn't seem to think so as she continued) "Well she's visiting. Tommorow. She has to meet a client in the area. She'll only be here for one night" Tori, being Tori wasn't asking permission, but informing me. And little did I know, this information was about to change the lives if two people. As I swallowed the last of my cereal I replied "Sure, sure. Hey Tori where's my backpack? Oh there! Sorry…" I ran out of the dorm, early for class. Again, as usual.
Oh and by the way, if you didn't know my name is Liliana Saunders. I'm 16, turning 17 in January. I'm an Aquarius. I'm responsible and mature, but that doesn't mean I'm not fun! I have dark brown wavy hair, and I don't like to mess with it. No dyes, no curling, no extensions. Also, I don't wear makeup. Personal choice.
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