New in town

Amber and her friend Mallory just moved to London. They've been planing this scence they were twelve, but what happens when they end up living down the hall from one direction?


6. The meet

I quick got out my phone and dialed my friend Kenzie's number, I rang three times then she answered "hello" "hey kenz, you're still comming tomorrow, right?" I asked "yeah, why?" "I have someone I want you to meet," "um, okay, what are they like?" "well its a he, he is tall, he's a year or two older than us, he can sing, he's funny, he's loud, he's basically a guy version of you,"
"oh, cool, can't wait," "same, do you think you could get Sam to come too, maybe?" "um, I'll try" "yay, thanks" "yep I'll see you tomorrow" "alright, bye" "bye". I ended the call and texted Niall, 'tell Louis and Harry to be presentible tomorrow, they're gonna meet girls' 'okay, will do' Niall replied. I skipped to the kitchen and sat down next to Mallory, "guess what" I told her, "what?" she asked, "I'm dating a famous boy" I told her "nice" she said.
When the time came for Niall to pick me up I was wearing a black jean miniskirt, and a black and white flowy tank top, and my combat boots. We went to a nice restaurant, he dropped me off at my door, and gave me a nice kiss goodnight. I got changed into my pjs and fell asleep easily.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm, it was around 9, shoot! Kenzie's flight is comming in two hours, I got dresses, I didn't even bother to put in my contacts, or put any make-up on. I run out the door and keep knocking until Liam opens the door, "yes?" he says sleepily "time to get the boys up," I reply. He stands aside as I come in, I go straight to the kitchen, and grab two pan lids, first I go to Harry's room, when I open his door I close my eyes, knowing his habits, and bang the lids together obnoxiously, he groans and yells at me to shut up, so I went Louis's room next. I opened his door, jumped on his bed and began to bang the lids together, he sat up looked at me then rolled his eyes, and got out of bed, next was Zayn's room, I did the same thing I did to Lou, Zayn rolled over and groaned, so I pushed him onto the floor, he groaned, got up and left, next was Niall, I opened his door, and gently set the lids down, so that they didn't make any noise, I walked over and laid down next to him, I kissed his forehead, then his cheek, then on his nose, and when he didn't wake up I just put my lips to his, after a few seconds I felt him start to kiss back, so I pulled away, got up and went to check on Harry, he was now dressed and ready,'good' I though to myself.
We all went to pick up Kenzie. She got through security with Sam on her tail, before they could think, I pulled them into a group hug. We pulled away, and I walked towards the boys, Kenzie dropped her bags, and just stared at them, I went over to stand by Niall, "Kenzie, Sam, this is Niall, my boyfriend," I said,"OH MY GOD!!!" Sam screamed, Kenzie just kept staring at them, so I walked over to her and pinched her, then she snapped out of her trance and yelled,"what was that for?!?!" "I was convincing you that you wernt dreaming," "oh" was all she said. "well boys don't be rude introduce your selves" I said, Harry started, he walked over to Sam, and said, "hi, I'm Harry," Sam, being the biggest Harry fan ever, fainted.
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