New in town

Amber and her friend Mallory just moved to London. They've been planing this scence they were twelve, but what happens when they end up living down the hall from one direction?


4. Run-ins

Amber's POV
I woke up later than usual, I was almost used to the time zone. Rolled over to see that it was only 8. I got out of bed lazily, and went out to the kitchen, 'crap, no food' I thought. I walked back to my room. I put on my usual, gray skinny jeans, combat boots, a black tank top, and my favorite jean jacket. I put my contacts in, and put on my usual make-up, eyeliner and silver eyeshadow. I pulled my light brown hair out of the bun I had it in, I brushed it, and admired my look, my hair had blonde streaks in it, and it came to about midback, my black eyeliner and silver eyeshadow show off my bright blue eyes. I've always liked black, so people think I'm goth, but that's because they never see me in the summer, wearing all bright sundresses, and stuff like that. I grabbed my purse and my key. When I got out of the building, I looked around, almost right away I spotted a Starbucks, I smiled to myself when I saw a sign in the window that said 'Help Wanted'. I walked in and ordered, and asked if I could get an application. I found a place to sit, next to a window, and sipped my coffee. I kept noticing that girls kept crowding around the entrance, then I heard them all scream, I looked around, to see six heads trying to shove through the crowd, wait, I know those heads, crap, last night was real, and One Direction was comming in here, I almost started fan girling, but instead I started playing games on my iPhone. I heard them order, then they sat down at a table that I was facing, so I just kept my head down, my hair falling in my face. Then I heard Louis say "wait isn't than the girl we saw last night," they all started to agree, so I decided that it would be a good time to leave. I walked a little, and got more applications, and decided it was time to head back to the flat. I walked in and pressed the up button for the elevator, as I was waiting, I heard really loud group of boys, so I headed twords the stairs when I heard Louis say "you don't need to runaway, love," I stopped and turned around and said "again I'm really sorry about last night," " it's alright, love, we were a bit loud" Louis told me. The elevator went 'ding' and the boys started piling in, there wasn't enough room for all of us, so Niall and stayed behind, we stood in a very awkward silence, which Niall broke by asking "so, are you from around here," "nope, I just moved from the states," "oh, cool, what state," "Pennsylvania" I replied, "cool," he said, the elevator went 'ding' again, and we got in, I pressed the three button, and again we were in an awkward silence, which Niall broke again " do you want to hang out some time," he said, " um, sure," I said as the door slid open, he hande me a pice of paper, and told me to text him some time, he started to walk away, but I grabbed his arm, and told him to wait, I always keep a pen and note pad in my purse, so I dug them out and jotted down my name and number, gave it to him and walked to my door, when it opned I smiled and waved to him and I slipped in.
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