New in town

Amber and her friend Mallory just moved to London. They've been planing this scence they were twelve, but what happens when they end up living down the hall from one direction?


16. Niall's POV

*About a year later*


When Amber moved in, she brought a heart shaped pillow with her, and right now it was getting cuddled more than I was. A little after Amber moved in, Sam and Kenzie decided to move in too. Now Sam is seven months pregnant with Harry's daughter, Anna. In her sleep, Amber sighed and moved closer to me. I was watching Fantastic Four, and about a half hour into it, she fell asleep. I kissed her forehead, and woke her up, telling her the movie was over. "Do you want to know what I dreamt about?" She asked, "What?" I replied, "Our marriage. I had a cream colored lace vail, and you looked so handsome in your tux," she told me.  She's been having dreams like this more and more. I moved her head off my lap, and went to go make a sandwich. I felt Amber's hands on my shoulders, massgaeing them gently, I stopped what I was doing, and lent my head back so she could kiss my hair. I turned around so I could hug her, she held on tight. I felt her shift her head, I looked at her, she was looking at me with huge eyes, she looked so pretty. I bent down and gave her a gentle but passionate kiss, she slowly twined her arms around my neck. She pulled away and looked at me sweetly, "Can I have part of your sandwich," she asked looking as innocent as possible, "Fine," I said in a very annoyed tone. As she took out a knife and started to cut the sandwich. I came up behind Amber, wrapped my arms around her waist, and as I layed my head on her shoulder, I started to sway us, she turned her head to give me a quick kiss on the cheeck, and with that she took her piece, and the plate on the counter, as Amber walked she dared to giggle. "Oh no you don't" I said, as Amber heard me, she set down the plate, and ran through the house, sliding into our room, she tripped over something, landing on or bed, I laughed, so did Amber. I laid down next to her, and she moved as close to me as she could, I feel like we're two puzzle pieces, I fit next to her perfectly, and she fits next to me perfectly, I love her so much.

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