New in town

Amber and her friend Mallory just moved to London. They've been planing this scence they were twelve, but what happens when they end up living down the hall from one direction?


1. Moving day

I woke up out a pleasant dream to the annoying beeping of my alarm clock. I looked around at my packed room, today was the day I was moving to London. I texted my friend Mallory, who was going to share a flat with me, to wake up. I looked at the time to see that it was around tenish, our flight left a one. I jumped out of bed, put on my glasses, and ran into my kitchen, my mom and step dad were already up. I looked at them and said "I'm really gonna miss you guys!" "And we're gonna miss you," my mom sniffled. As I ate my breakfast I texed Mallory to make sure she was ready. When I was done I went through my morning routine, get dressed, put in my contacts, put on my make-up, brush my hair, and then brush my teeth. When I was satisfied, I grabbed my two duffles, and my carry on bag and put them in my steel gray Mustang, the good byes lasted about a half an hour. When the final goodbye was said I got in my car and drove to Starbucks, where I was gonna meet Mallory. When I arrived it was about eleven, I looked up and mallory was already there, we ordered and found a place to sit next to a window, I don't really like coffee much, but I needed something to wake me up. I was deep in thought, when we got to London, first thing we would need to do was unpack, then I would need to look around for a decent job, the rent wasn't cheap. I was brought out of my thoughts by Mallory saying "aren't you exited" "yeah" I replied with a sigh, normally I'm not this stressed, but for some reason I was."This really sucks that I had to bail on college for this, but oh well, at least this gives me more time to work, and foucus on my music" I told Mallory, "yeah true, but hey, now you have some extra money for rent" "true" I sighed. We talked for a while longer, when I looked at my watch, it said 11:45, "alright," I said, "time to go". It took about a half an hour to get to the airport, when we arrived, I sighed and hugged my steering wheel and said, "I'm gonna miss you baby," I was having my car shipped to London, and it was going to take a month or two for it go get collected and arrive. Mallory laughed as I sighed, got out, and grabbed my bags. We already had our tickets on hold, I went up to the front desk and asked for our tickets. Mallory and I waited for what seemed like eternity. When our flight was called I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. As we took off I thought 'goodbye Pennsylvania, hello London'
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