New in town

Amber and her friend Mallory just moved to London. They've been planing this scence they were twelve, but what happens when they end up living down the hall from one direction?


7. Getting confortable

Sam woke up almost emidiatly, her and Harry seemed to get along rather well. Louis kept steeling glances at Kenzie, once she noticed she blushed and looked at the floor. "well what are we waiting for! I'm hungry!" I shouted, "me too!" Niall yelled, I laughed and grabbed his hand and we walked to the cars. Niall was driving, and I was in the passengers seat, before he started the car he looked at me with a grin and gave me a passionate kiss, it lasted pretty long, it would've lasted longer if Louis, Kenzie, and Sam didn't yell "GET A ROOM!!" I pulled away slowly and laughed, so did Niall. Kenzie and Louis hit it off pretty well, in no time they were laughing hysterically. Sam was on her phone, her and Harry had already exchanged numbers, I looked at her and she was smiling really wide and blushing, hmmm. I looked over at Niall, I was the luckiest girl in the world. He must've seen that I was looking, cause he glanced over at me and smiled cheekily. We decided to pick up Taco Bell, and then we went back to the boys flat. Harry sat down very close to Sam, and Kenzie and Louis were also very close, they were talking, they had a lot of things in common. I started to feel my eyelids get heavy, so I laid my head on Niall's chest. I was half asleep when I felt warm arms pick me up, and set me down on a very comfortable bed, and those same warm arms wrapped themselves around me, so I turned and opened my eyes. Niall was staring at me, "I just love to look at your eyes," I giggled, pulled up the blankets over us, and gave him a peck on the lips, laid my head on his chest yet again, and fell into a pleasant dream of Niall.
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