You're not alone

Casidy knows how to be alone, she doesn't know how to love. At school everyone looks at her and sees a brick and impenetrable wall. Her father beats her but that's easy enough to hide, her mum died from the beating, she is too scared to say anything. When James comes to her school and starts breaking down the walls she built around her emotions will she be able to handle it?


1. Girl with the green eyes

Noise surrounded me, the clatter of lockers shutting mixed in with the voices of students. It's not like I haven't been in a school before but my last one didn't used to be this loud, even when some guy walked into the girls bathroom and they all screamed bloody murder. I laughed quietly at the memory, the guys had been gived detention though I'm sure the teachers had secretly admired them. Honestly I admired them, I could never do anything like that without feeling like a copmplete moron, though maybe that was what they liked about it. They didn't have a worry in the world the way I did. Suddenly, a hand slapped down on my shoulder and I spun around, ready to see what the hell was gouing on. All I found was the smiling face of my cousin Aiden.

"Hey little cuz, still more easy to scare than a dove?" He joked and I mock punched him the arm. We always acted like this, he was the one person I could be carefree with. Not much of a privalige I would allow anyone else. I brought him into a one arm manly hug and laughed.

"Hey man, how nice of you to come and welcome your baby cousin." I joked. It was actually a little embarresing.

"Yh I know I'm so wonderful. come one I want you to meet some people." he said and tugged on my sleeve until I followed him to the cantean. The only other people there were three girls and another guy, they were all talking and smiling except for one girl who was sitting silently and staring at her hands that rested in her lap. Black hair covered most of her face but  I could see that she was pale. As we entered they all looked up ansd I got a full view of her face. Her eyes were the dakrest green I had ever seen, her lips were full and pink she wasn't as pale as I thought but she wasn't exactly bronzed either. I hardley took notice of the others, I was drawn into her gaze, her eyes were the most amazing that I had ever seen.

"Guys this is my cousin James, James this is the gang. Carly, Arrie, Alex and last but certainly not the leaset (we leave that to Alex) Casidy." David introduced, now I had name to match the intoxicating face.

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