My Dilemma

Shelby Owens and Niall Horan har been bestfriends for as long as they can remember but what will happen to their friendship will it grow into something else or will Shelby's boyfriend get in the way. Who will she choose?


1. Prologue


"Shelby lets go" my mom shouts from the entrance 

I pull my jersey over my head and run down the stairs. We jump into the van and my mom takes me to my football practice. 

"Hello everyone" a tall guy says very loudly while holding a  football "I want you all to get into partners"

I look around and see that everyone already has a partner. 

"do you need a partner" a little boy with brown hair and blue eyes asks

"yes, do you"

"yea do you wanna be partners"

"sure" I say passing my ball to him

"my names Niall by the way" he says after awhile

"Shelby" I say with a smile

*8 years later*

Ever since that moment, when we were 8, we've been best friends, no one could ever separate us. We played football together, went to school together, and we lived a few streets away from each other so we even used to ride our bikes together too. Some people thought that we were more than friends, which I wanted, but Niall never really seemed to show any interest in me so I didn't let him know that I had feelings for him. 

"hey Shelby" the 16 year old boy says walking into my room

"oh hey Nialler" I say while putting my laptop down on my bed "so I saw on Twitter that your going on the X-factor" 

"yep, just applied I hope I do good" he says laying on his back on my bed

"me too, it's always been your dream and I think that it's awesome your going for it" 

"thanks" he says looking over at me with his incredible baby blue eyes "well you wanna go play some football"

"do you even have to ask" I say hopping off my bed 

We practically fall down the stairs and make our way to the park a few blocks down. 

"Niall" I ask as we kick the ball back and forth


"can you promise me something" I ask without looking up


"if you get famous promise me that you'll keep in touch with me, no matter how big you get" I say looking up at him

At this point Niall stops and grabs my shoulders, forcing me to look at him. 

"Shelby, I promise that if I do get famous, which I probably wont, that I will always be your friend and keep in touch with you" he says looking into my eyes

"good" I say smiling 
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