my own personal tragedy

Everyone hears about tragedy. On the news, from a friend, on the radio. Everyone says they feel sympathy for these people, but really think, better you then me. What if it was you. This is the story of my brothers death. My own personal tragedy.


1. The story of my life

     My mother had tuberculosis, and from the age of seven I ran the house. I took care of her, and kept the house clean. I cooked all of the meals, with my mother on the couch telling me what to do. I loved my mother so much. To me she was the most amazing person. Because of my mothers condition, and the fact that my father wasn't there much, I was more of a parent then a child. I loved my father too, but he owned a water drilling company. He was amazing at witching wells. He could use a metal or wooden rod and find water where no one else could. He could tell you exactly how far down you had to drill to hit water, and how many gallons per second would come out, without touching the ground. He charged very fair prices hough, so he Had to work hard and long to support his company and his family. My mother died when I was nineteen. 

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