Finally Falling

5 Best friends. 5 Different back stories. 1 Chance to love again. Will they Finally Fall?


1. Carnival Rides & Snogging


“Hurry your butt up!” Jennifer said. “Im coming, I’m coming!” I yelled back. We were going to meet One Direction because we were lucky enough to be best friends with Louis’s girlfriend, Sarah. By the way my name is Kayleigh. I am a huge fan of one direction and so is my best friend, Jennifer. I ran downstairs and out the door. I met up with Jennifer on the sidewalk and we were on our way. I was really happy to meet the guys, Niall especially. We were going to the carnival. Oh and did I forget to mention… I LOVE THE CARNIVAL! So it was the perfect place to meet them. As soon as we arrived at the front I got a text from a number that was unknown.

We can see you 2 gorgeous girls ;) Get your beautiful butts over to the front restrooms! –Niall xx

When I got this text I showed it to Jennifer and whispered into her ear not to freak out so that they didn’t see her shriek. We got to the bathrooms and there they were. One Direction, My idols. Jennifer and I were smiling like idiots. Niall looked at me and smiled. “No need for an introduction, I guess, since Sarah here hasn’t stopped talking about the two of you,” Niall laughed. Sarah blushed and I smiled in her direction. “Oh has she now,” Jennifer said winking at Sarah. Sarah giggled and gave me and Jennifer a hug. “So glad you guys came,” She exclaimed. “So Sarah told me some interesting things about you,” Harry said to Jennifer. “Hmm really,” Jennifer replied. Jennifer really was a flirt. She had every guy in school gawking over her. So her and Harry were like meant for each other. “Yup and I heard that you maybe, just maybe had a little crush on me,” Harry said back to her still flirting. “Don’t be so full of yourself Harry,” Jennifer said and just like that Harry grabbed her by her waist and swung her around while she laughed. When he let her down they were both still laughing while everyone else was silent and watching them. When they finally noticed that everyone was watching them they both laughed and started to whisper to each other while giggling occasionally.  “Well aren’t they getting cozy,” Niall said to me as he laughed. I laughed with him. When we got to the first roller coaster I was super excited. When we got to the line Harry stepped back to wait for us. “You guys know I don’t like roller coasters so I will just hang out here,” Harry said. “Well you can’t stay down here all by yourself,” Jennifer said to him. “Well then why don’t you keep me company,” Harry grinned. Jennifer walked over to where Harry was. I had a strange feeling that when we came back they would be snogging like no other. At the thought of it I giggled. “They are totally going to be snogging by the time we get back,” Niall said as if reading my mind. “Exactly,” I laughed. When we got to the front of the line Niall shouted, “I get to sit by Kayleigh! I call it!” When he did that I blushed. Once we were seated I got that weird feeling in my stomach like I was scared but excited. When the ride was over Niall took my hand to help me out. But, as soon as I let go of his grasp he intertwined his hand with mine. I looked up at him and smiled. He had the biggest grin on his face. As we were walking away from the ride we saw Jennifer and Harry doing exactly what we thought they would be. But, as soon as they noticed us they quit. “Yah, that’s right we saw you,” Louis laughed. I was holding onto Niall’s hand tight. “Yah what about this,” Harry said while gesturing toward me and Niall. “Oh what me and my friend can’t just hold hands,” Niall said. I blushed.


Authors Note: What do you think?? (:

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