Dare to date

Sammy lives in London with all her familly. Her life was perfect until she canged school and found her childhood best friend niall.
Sorry 4 my spelling mistakes.


3. You love me

(6 Months later)
Willia and jish were my best friends now. And louis harry and zayn keep bulling me, I've learned to ignored them.
I was seeing willia so weak and sad for the las 2 weeks, but she never told us why. One day she decided to tell us why, she had cancer. She had less hear.
I was ealking from the hospital to my house, i couldnt believe that willia isnt doing any better, i got interrupted of my thoughts with someone screaming my name.
"Sammy, wait please" it was liam one of niall's friends
I decided to ignore him and keep walking until he reached me.
" I'm so sorry"
" for what, you havn't done anything bad" i told him
" look sammy, niall loves you. When he hears your name a smile grows on his face. And he acts really wierd when he is near you. I'm the only person that nows that. He allways says nice things of you. Please give him a chance."
I didnt now what to say i just nodded
" good bye, i'm going this way" i said pointing to the right side.
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