Dare to date

Sammy lives in London with all her familly. Her life was perfect until she canged school and found her childhood best friend niall.
Sorry 4 my spelling mistakes.


1. Hi again!!

It was my first day at school, i was so nervous. I didnt now anyone.
"Sammy your gonna be late on your first day of school, hurry up" mu mom shouted fom the kitchen
"comming mom" i yelld while running down te staris
I got to the kitchen kissed my mom on the cheek and walk to the school.
I was so exited, the school was so big.
I entered the school, everyone seemed so happy every one was smilling. I whent directly to the directors office for my schedual.
My locker was the 203, after getting my things i went straight to class, my first class was drama. I really didnt know were the class was so i asked the girl next to my locker.
" Hi my name is Sammy, i'm new here could you tell me where is the drama class?" i asked shyly
"sure, can i see your scedual? " I handled her my schedual
" your in the same classes as me" she said smilling
When we enterd the class the first thing i saw was niall.
I went to him and say hi.
" hi sammy" he said and then he ignored me
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