Dare to date

Sammy lives in London with all her familly. Her life was perfect until she canged school and found her childhood best friend niall.
Sorry 4 my spelling mistakes.


2. He ignored me!!!!!!

How could he just ignored me. I was so sad. I tried to forget what happend and went to sit next to willia. She was sitting next to a guy.
" hi sammy this is josh, he's my best friend, you can hang with us if you want"
" that would be nice, thank you" i was so happy i had at least 2 friends. There were 4 boys with niall, they bothered me all day exept for to niall and another one i think his name is Liam.
School was over and i still couldnt believe niall ignored me, we had been best friends and we havnt seen each other for ages. I wonder what was he thinking. I decided to get over that a move on. I made all my home work and went to sleep, GOD I WAS SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!
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