Love, Hate, Dance, One Direction

Crystal Ash is a Dancer/ Model who is best friends with Danielle Peazer. When she meets up with One Direction, will Harry make his biggest mistake? He thinks she hates him. She thinks he hates her. Will they ever get a clue?
This is my first story on this site! Hope you like it(:


1. First Impressions

We walked into the dance studio where the auditions were being held. I was being dragged here by Liam because he wanted to be there for Danielle’s audition. Don’t get me wrong Dani’s an awesome girl and all but I wasn’t really in the mood to go out. As we sat down I immediately saw Danielle with a girl, who I was sure was Crystal Ash. Crystal was a model and dancer, and I only knew this because her and Rika are best friends and she talks about her 24/7. Plus, I have seen Crystal in way to many magazines and music videos. She was beautiful! No doubt about that! The two girls were practicing, what I assumed was a routine, while whispering and giggling. In one corner of the room there was a photo shoot set up. Probably music video promotions. I saw the managers of the music video who were auditioning the dancers. After practicing for about 2 weeks Danielle was seriously amazing at the dance. I heard a man yell for everybody to get into position.

Crystal POV

John yelled for us to get into starting positions. I was nervous. I wanted, No, NEEDED to get into this video. The music started for “Who’s That Boy” By: Demi Lovato. I loved the song and the moves came easily and the nerves were gone.

Harry POV

Her body moved freely with the music. I don’t know why but I couldn’t even try to peel my eyes off of her. I swear she looked right into my eyes for a long while. And….I liked it. A lot. But, then the song came to lyrics talking about a boy with brown eyes and I saw her grin widely at a brown eyed guy standing in the corner behind the chairs. I was angry, though I wasn’t sure why. The song ended and she made her way up to the guy. He hugged her and she kissed his cheek. Which just made me even more angry. She took his hand and ran happily to the photo shoot. I should’ve known she would be doing it. I saw her run over to Danielle and push her over to the corner. She made Dani pose with her. And nobody objected…umm..ok. Liam and the other guys just talked until both Dani and Crystal walked over to us. “You looked amazing out there,” Liam said to Danielle.  Liam took Crystal Jennifer into a big hug. She laughed. “Hey Liam! Long time no see!” Liam looked at her and Danielle happily. What did I miss? “I know!” Liam exclaimed. Then Danielle piped up. “So let me introduce you to the rebel children.”

Crystal POV

The rebel children! That’s my Dani. She pointed to Niall. Yes I know who they are, I’m not an idiot.  “This is Ni-  “HI! Im Niall Horan! It’s a pleasure to meet you!” He cut Danielle off and engulfed me into a great big hug. “I know! Nice to meet you to,” I said as he finally released. “We have heard way to much about you! Now give me a hug you pretty little thing!” Louis took me into a big welcoming hug as well. “Well hello to you to!” I said as he released me. “Oh sorry! I am Louis The Tommo Tomlinson!” I laughed and turned to Zayn. He smiled and introduced himself. He reached to shake my hand but then said, “Oh to hell with it!” and pulled me into a hug as well. Then there was Harry. I honestly found him very attractive. “I’m Harry,” He said while half smiling. I reached to shake his hand but his hands stayed in his pockets. RUDE! He is getting less attractive by the second. “Well, I have to be somewhere soon, so I will be off!” I said. “You should come over tonight!” Louis announced. “Dani will be there.” I looked at Danielle and she nodded. “Well if Dani texts me the information then sure! I think I can get there at about seven,” I said glancing at them all (except Harry). “Ok great see you then!” Liam said looking very pleased. “Bye,” I waved at all of them and walked off.

Harry POV

She wouldn’t even look at me. I felt guilty about being rude, since she really didn’t do anything to me. She walked off and I couldn’t stop staring at her.


Authors Note: REALLY HOPE YOU LIKED IT SO FAR!!(: I will try and update alot!

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