Chrysanthemum is a unique girl with a unique name. A die hard 1D fan? Maybe not. But everything changes when she's taken by kidnappers and rescued by unlikely heroes.


2. The Inevitable

I had to admit, I was feeling a bit scared as I left our dorm. I'm actually known for being a fearless kind of person, so it was pretty uncharacteric for me to be overwhelmed by fear. I took a deep breath and stepped outside. Everything was perfectly normal, and then suddenly…no, nothing happened, I just jumped at the squirrel that climbed up the tree in front of me. "Chris, you are just being paranoid now, Sia was just being…wait Sia's never serious…but she's your friend, she cares about you…" I was so busy arguing with myself, I didn't notice the van that pulled over in front of me, or the two masked men that stepped out. In fact I didn't notice anything until I felt something strike at the back of my head. And then, everything went blank.

When I came to, the first thing I realized was that I had company. There were about 4 other people in the room with me. The next thing I noticed was that everything around me was caked in dust. If you didn't know, I'm really allergic to dust.
"Uh oh…" I said aloud.
"What's wrong?" asked a voice coming from the other side of the room. It had an accent, but I was feeling too sick to place it. I was about to reply, but then I saw the person it was coming from, and I felt like fainting again.
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