Chrysanthemum is a unique girl with a unique name. A die hard 1D fan? Maybe not. But everything changes when she's taken by kidnappers and rescued by unlikely heroes.


3. Surprise

"Play it cool, play it cool…" I repeated in my head, because the asker of that question was none other than Liam…Liam Payne. I'm not one to to squeal, or squirm, or scream. So I didn't. But then again, I have been acting a bit different lately.
"What's wrong?" he repeated.
"Oh!" I murmured, snapping back to reality. "Well…its just that I'm allergic to dust and that's pretty much all that's in this place."
"It's going to be really hard to avoid," replied Liam, sounding concerned
"I'm claustrophobic, so I guess we all have problems with this place." piped Niall from the corner of the room. I then realized that all of One Direction was here in this room. That, of course was not my biggest concern at the moment.
"So, what's your name?" asked Louis. I, however was too busy to answer. I held up a hand.… ACHOO!
"Sorry about that." I said quickly. "My name is Chrysanthemum…you can call me Chrissy," I said quickly. Suddenly, it occurred to me: I was kidnapped! A wave of worry overcame me. Maybe I should think of an escape of plan. My brain went into overdrive. I didn't realize the boys staring at me as I went into what was like a mini panic attack. And then I saw something that made my heart stop...
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