Chrysanthemum is a unique girl with a unique name. A die hard 1D fan? Maybe not. But everything changes when she's taken by kidnappers and rescued by unlikely heroes.


1. Just Another Girl

"And there you have it folks! That's the story of how One Direction became one of the world's most popular boy bands!"
I let out a big yawn as I flicked off the TV.
"Go to sleep now, Chrissy" said my best friend and roommate, Sia. She grinned at the TV; "This is like the billionth time you're watching that interview"
"Calm down Sia I'll go to sleep now." I replied.
"You're obsessed with them," she groaned. "Honestly, I only like the blond one."
"Niall." I corrected, throwing a pillow at her. Suddenly, Sia's face turned serious, which is quite unlike her.
"Now you listen to me, Chrysanthemum Walker." I winced. Sia never uses my full name.
"There have been many kidnappings going on in the area lately," she continued, "Please, be very careful getting to classes tommorow."
"Calm down, I'm 17." I muttered.
"Almost…" she replied.
"Only 1 more month. Don't forget." I joked. I knew she wouldn't. Then, I yawned and headed of to bed.
That night, I had a weird dream. In it, I was trapped in a box with nothing but a table. On the table, was a bowl of gravy, a carrot, a spoon, some chicken and a bottle of beer.
You know, I once heard all dreams have meanings. Well, I hope this one doesn't mean anything. So, I got up, got dressed, and headed off to class.
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