Coved with Hate

A girl named Jesicia had a harder life when she was younger and now its even worse. When she was just 3 years old her Father died in a car accident heading home from work. After that her Mother started abusing herself and eventually killed herself. Now Jesicia lives with her 2 younger brothers- Joey and Writer, and her Older sister- Kinsten, and her uncle Kevin and Aunt Sami. Will she treat herself like her mother did, or be positive and stick up. Find out and Read this READING!!! Thanks


1. Realizing the Truth

I walked downstairs to the basement where my room is to get ready for school, I found the clothes i laid out on my bed with a note attached to it. I didn't put the note there. I walked over and saw writing on it - 'Jesicia Meet me outside i need to tell you the truth about your mother and Father. Love Aunt Sami.' I crumpled up the note and threw it in the trash.

I put on my clothes and walked over to my mirror. I look dragged, I thought. I reached down and pulled on the dresser. There was the thing i needed. The knife my mother cut herself with. I stuck it in my purse and walked out. I realized the truth in life is coming up with stuff, But it never helps.

Before my mother died she told me something, And i remember this thing clearly- I walked into the sunny room that day, My mother was standing on a chair. there was a rope with a bigger hole through it, just right to fit her head in. I walked up to her and looked up. She looked down at me and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Jesicia, Life is nothing but hope everyone fills up inside of you. You can't let it go unless you believe. Mommy doesn't believe that she has it inside of her. I know you do. That you can achieve what others can't. But i feel like im holding you back. That im keeping you from your dreams in life. Thats what i feel like i can't be here. I don't belong in yours, or others life. I need to leave here and get on with what i always wanted. But remember Sweety, Life is full of hope, Believe you have it and achieve." she said with a straight face. I remember after that she stud up and and looked down at me and blew me a kiss. She hung herself. But i didn't know.

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