Coved with Hate

A girl named Jesicia had a harder life when she was younger and now its even worse. When she was just 3 years old her Father died in a car accident heading home from work. After that her Mother started abusing herself and eventually killed herself. Now Jesicia lives with her 2 younger brothers- Joey and Writer, and her Older sister- Kinsten, and her uncle Kevin and Aunt Sami. Will she treat herself like her mother did, or be positive and stick up. Find out and Read this READING!!! Thanks


3. Its Hard to Break It

When I looked back at my aunt she had a disappointed look on her face. She never looked this way. There must be something I didn't know, I thought.

"Your Mother... and Father," She looked at my brothers then my sister, then me. "Had a reason to.. Whats the right word? Ah yes, Pass away." she said.

My sister looked at me. I turned around to see a little boy picking up a red ball, It was tommy, The next door neighbors son. I smiled and waved and looked back at my sister, her face was flushed white.

"I want to make this clear with you all... Your mother died because she wanted you to live with me. Not to just pass away because she wanted to, She was... Hasty about things." She said.

But thats not true. Mother died because she felt like she didn't have room in the world for her, that she thought our lives would be better without her in them. I raised my arm and planted up my pointer finger to start my argument.

"Yes?" she looked at me with a geeky smile on her face.

"Nothing ma'am." I lowered my arm and finger. I looked at my sister. She looked at me with her shiny green eyes large with amazment and wonder. What is she doing? was probably running through her mind right now. But its true. Mother didn't die just to have us move in with aunt Sami.

"Alright now children. These are your mothers belongings. That she wanted you to have. I saved them for the right age and right time of the year to give them to you all, just remember use them wisely and-"

I interupted her, "May, we just have them now.... Ma'am."

She looked at me with dread and fury, "Why of course." she said with a smirk.

Sami reached into the bag and grabbed out a toy train, that was of course for one of the boys, "And this young writer, Is for you. Your mother left a note attached to it. You all have notes attached. You may read them AFTER you all get your gifts." she pulled out another, this time it was a box, a jewelry box i suspected. Must be for kinsten, I thought. "This is for Kinsten, Jewelry left from the past of your annsestors down to your mother then you." she said this with a smirk as if she wanted it to be hers, not her sisters daughter. Next was a blanket, it had lines and curves and trains and bears, and chocolate, and rocks, you name it. It was on there. "This is for Joey, Your father made it for you when you were first born! Oh how special. Next would be mine. Sami gave me a smirk then reached into the bag. Her smirk stopped and her eyes bulged. I gave her a look of pity, then she pulled it out. WOW. "And this... Jesicia.. Is yours. Its the Ruby neckless, Your grandmother left it for you, and your mother wanted it to be passed down to you..." with that i snatched it out of her hand and stuffed it in my purse.

There was a full half-hour of silence. Only silence. No one spoke, Not a single breath could be heard for miles. Only the sound on floor boards creaked as we switched our weight to another side. I stood up and walked out of the room. I reached into my purse and walked to the buss stop out the door. My mother had weird words, but some were from the smartest part of her brain.

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