Coved with Hate

A girl named Jesicia had a harder life when she was younger and now its even worse. When she was just 3 years old her Father died in a car accident heading home from work. After that her Mother started abusing herself and eventually killed herself. Now Jesicia lives with her 2 younger brothers- Joey and Writer, and her Older sister- Kinsten, and her uncle Kevin and Aunt Sami. Will she treat herself like her mother did, or be positive and stick up. Find out and Read this READING!!! Thanks


2. Coming Down with it all

I walked down the hall realizing what i just picked up. She would be happy, Why wouldn't she be? I thought. She was when she died, why wouldn't she be now. My aunt appeared in the door way down the hall and smiled.

"Jesicia! Just the Kid i wanted to see." She ran down the hall and grabbed my arm. "I need to tell you how your parents really... Well what they wanted you to know." She said. I held onto my purse and book-bag harder and started to rock back and forth. Knowing all this happening to my family makes me shiver. Knowing what they done in life or what they hoped what they have done.

"I have your sister and brothers in the office right now waiting for you. They need to know too." She said with a smile on her face. By now you know i don't take things seriously. I remember what i need and forget what i want.

She took me to the office where my sister was sitting on the bright pink sofa they have in the Office, She was wearing a bright Orange Mini-Skirt and a white blouse. My brothers were wearing both blue shirts and cargo pants. My aunt likes to dress them alike. They were bouncing up and down off the walls and screaming bloody murder at each other chasing around the room.

"Boys i need you to sit on the sofa please." she said calmly. I never got how calm she can be at intense moments. She could be the most calmest person on the face of the earth during a tornado, but yet when its a dinner and no one is talking she will talk till shes out of breath.

"Children i need to tell you about your, Parents." She said. My sister looked up from her phone, she looked sad, or terrified. My brothers looked at my aunt seriously. I looked at all of them then looked down. I'm the only one that knows, I said in my head.

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