It's complicated.

Sixteen year old Mckenzie Wright's life changes when she meets Brad. Brad is a regular jock that is all about the ladies,football, and partying. When she gets tangled up with "Bad Brad" will she make the right choices or will she screw up everything that lies ahead of her? Follow her through the best AND worst times.


21. Photoshoot gone wrong.

I week after we found out the gender is when we started planning the babyshower. Today Brad and I are going to a photoshoot for the invitations. "Brad hurry up or we are going to be late!" I ran downstairs. I grabbed a donut while I was throwing some converse on. I forgot I had to be dressy. I went upstairs and grabbed white heels that would go with my outfit. I was wearing a simple light pink dress with my hair in a French braid. I also had my family pearls on. Our family passes around these special family pearls for special occasions or good luck. We've had them for over ten years. As I was thinking about my family I heard Brad rush downstairs. "You don't have to yell at me. I know we're late!" I looked over at him. Lately he's been moody because he's been sleep deprived. I think it's my fault sometimes. He thinks he has to work twenty-four-seven to supply for our family. Probably because of the story I told him about my father. My dad walked out on my mother and I when I was four. My mom got pregnant young also. He couldn't handle the responsibility so he left. He thought I wouldn't know because of how young I was, but I noticed. It effected our family forever. Brad kept running around the house searching for things. After ten more minutes he was ready. "I'll drive so you can rest on the way." I said. On the way there I called the photographer telling him how we'd be late. We arrived finally. I looked over at my love. He looks so stressed out. I hate to wake him, but I have to. "Brad baby time to go." He looked over at me startled. "Ugh..." I got out of the car and changed my shoes. We walked in to chaos. The photographer was getting his camera ready. He also looked stressed. "Hello, come now we must get started." Brad stopped me. "McKenzie, I have to tell you something that has been on my mind." I started getting worried. "Ye-yes." I said stuttering. "I quit my job at Texas Roadhouse. Um.... And my father got me a job." I started feeling better. "That's grea-" I started to say but he stopped me. "It's a traveling job. I got a job as a sales person. I have to move around the U.S. and try to advertise products." That's when I broke. "Oh so is this your excuse to finally leave Brad? It's OK you don't have to lie. Just don't keep leading me on. You're just like my dad making an excuse to leave. You're pathetic." I ripped off my family pearls, threw them to the ground, and left crushed. I couldn't stop histerically crying. When everything was going so good...
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