It's complicated.

Sixteen year old Mckenzie Wright's life changes when she meets Brad. Brad is a regular jock that is all about the ladies,football, and partying. When she gets tangled up with "Bad Brad" will she make the right choices or will she screw up everything that lies ahead of her? Follow her through the best AND worst times.


22. Overreated.

I don't know what to think. Lately I've been so moody, but I don't think what happened back there was mood swings. I need to talk to someone about this. The only person who understands what I'm going through. My mother, she is the only one that knows what I'm going through. I pulled up to my mother's house still in tears. They just kept coming, they kept streaming down my face. I walked in hoping she was still home and not at work. "Mom? Mom are you home?" I looked around the house to find her in the kitchen. As usual she is drinking her morning coffee. "Sweetie," she said as she looked at my face concerned, "what's wrong?" She came over and hugged me. "Brad quit his job at Texas Roadhouse and his dad got him a better job." I started tearing up again just talking about it. "What's wrong with that?" "Mom! He's just saying that just to leave Natalie and me in the dirt. Just like Steve did with us... " She looked away wincing at the name, Steve. "Sweetie, Brad isn't going to leave he loves Natalie Ann and you. He just wants to support his family. You can't just assume that he wants to leave. Give him a chance to explain himself." I started thinking about what I did. Maybe I stormed out because I'm scared of trusting Brad about going around state to state by himself. I mean I trust him that he won't cheat, but what if he thinks life without a family to take care of is better? "Thanks mom you always know how to make me feel better." I grabbed my keys ready to go. I opened the door to see Brad standing there with my pearls in his hands. "McKenzie I would NEVER leave you. You're my life, and without you I'm nothing. Please let me explain myself?" I opened the door a little more inviting him in. We sat down on the couch, "Now I don't have to take the job if you don't want me to. BUT I think I'd be a good way to make more money for our family. I'd make so much money you could quit your job and start online college. I'd be back in two monthes tops. I'd dread being away from the only things I care about which is you and the baby... But like I said I'd make a lot of money." We sat in silence for awhile. "Brad I'm sorry I just got to thinking about my father and I broke. I'm just scared that when you leave you're going to start thinking life without a family is better. I would like you to make more money so I could quit my job and start college. I'm sorry I overreacted..." He came over to me and kissed me. "I love our family. I would NEVER leave you guys. It's your dad's lose because he left a beautiful, smart, and caring girl." I kissed him. "Brad thanks. I love you and I can't believe I thought something so stupid." "Know, lets get back to that photoshoot." He said as he put the pearls back on me.

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