It's complicated.

Sixteen year old Mckenzie Wright's life changes when she meets Brad. Brad is a regular jock that is all about the ladies,football, and partying. When she gets tangled up with "Bad Brad" will she make the right choices or will she screw up everything that lies ahead of her? Follow her through the best AND worst times.


26. Keep thinking about it, but Nat kicked!

I called Breanna right after my goodbye with Brad. "Hey do you want to go to lunch?" I asked. Please say yes. "Yeah, but is it okay if Brady comes?" I think they're dating. "What are you guys dating?" I hope so Breanna deserves a boyfriend like Brady he's sweet. "Yeah we have been for two months! I'm so happy." "Aw well good. Of course he can come." I said goodbye and hung up the phone. We decided to meet up at Chili's. I walked in to the smell of various food smells. I didn't realise how hungry I was. I got us a table and waited for them. They arrived shortly after I ordered some chips. "Hey!" I stood up and hugged Breanna then I hugged Brady. "Hello." Brady said. "Hey!" Breanna said. I sat down across from them. "So how's it going?" I asked. "Oh nothing much. Brady and I recently got an apartment together." "Really well maybe after this I can come over and take a look?" Breanna chuckled, "Well not until you show us the baby room!" We all laughed. After we ordered our food we small talked about what we've been up to. I told them about Brad leaving. "I'm sorry McKenzie if you need anything just come by anytime." Brady said. I'm glad Brady feels that way. "Thank-" Then I felt something weird happening. It felt like the baby threw a meatball at my stomach. "Natalie kicked!" I said then I went to their side to let them feel. "That's amazing!" Breanna said. Brady's face lite up. "Oh my god. That's beautiful." I'm so glad I have family and friends who support me. Our food arrived right after Nat kicked me. I started to think about Brad. I teared up thinking of how he's missing out. "McKenzie are you OK?" Breanna asked. She handed me a tissue. "Um yeah I'm fine. It's just Brad's missing out on so much." I got up. "I have to pee." I headed to the bathroom. I pulled out my phone and called Brad. It went straight to voicemail. "Hey baby I just called to tell you that Nat kicked! Well call me soon OK? I love you." I hung up dissappointed that I couldn't hear his voice. Man, this is going to be a long two months.

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