It's complicated.

Sixteen year old Mckenzie Wright's life changes when she meets Brad. Brad is a regular jock that is all about the ladies,football, and partying. When she gets tangled up with "Bad Brad" will she make the right choices or will she screw up everything that lies ahead of her? Follow her through the best AND worst times.


12. Dead end.

I walked the halls nervous as hell. I walked into my English class and sat next to Macy. "You don't look to good..." She said. "I know I feel like shit," I said, "I couldn't sleep all night." I rubbed my eyes. I can't focus on school work. I texted my mom, "I need to leave school I'm not feeling well." I grabbed my bag and left class. I few minutes later I got a message. "Why haven't you been feeling well? Call me." I dialed her number. She picked up immediately. "Mckenzie what is up with you? How are you going to bring your grades up if you are never there?" "Mom.." I said but she kept cutting me off. "Mckenzie it's getting ridiculous," "Mom..." "until you give me a reason why you don't want to be at school your grounded." "MOM!" I screamed, "I'm pregnant!" I hung up the phone. I ran to my car and checked the time. It was eleven thirty I am suppose to meet Brad at McDonalds at twelve. Might as well go now. As I was driving to McDonalds my mom was blowing up my phone. I turned it off I can't take it. I pulled up at McDonalds about ten minutes before we were suppose to meet. I walked in and smelt French fries fresh out of the fryer. I walked up to order. I ordered more then I usually would. Then I sat down and literally stuffed my face. I turned because u heard someone call my name. It was Brad. I walked up and gave him a hug. "Mckenzie," he said as we sat down, "I want to be here for the baby." I looked into his eyes. I could tell he has been crying. "Brad, I don't know what to believe. I mean you even denied it was your child." He looked away. "I was in shock. It was hard to believe. Look I know I have a bad reputation. I understand if you don't believe me. I'll leave you alone" He stood up to walk away hurt was in his eyes. "Brad... Wait."
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