It's complicated.

Sixteen year old Mckenzie Wright's life changes when she meets Brad. Brad is a regular jock that is all about the ladies,football, and partying. When she gets tangled up with "Bad Brad" will she make the right choices or will she screw up everything that lies ahead of her? Follow her through the best AND worst times.


23. Babyshower preperations and ran into HER.

We finally got our invitations done for the babyshower. Now we just have to get decorations, food menu, and a cake. We went to Party Galaxy right after our photoshoot. "So baby what decorations are you thinking?" Brad asked as he was looking around. "I was thinkin zebra? I know a lot of other people do that, but I don't have any other ideas." He agreed. So we started looking around. We found zebra cups, paper plates, and napkins. We also found streamers that were as you guessed zebra. Balloons, cupcake wrappers, ect. We finally found all the decorations needed for the babyshower. Now it was off to Wal-mart for a cake, I know Wal-mart... But we're poor. Anyways as we were looking through the cake menu someone called Brad's name. "Brad Warrington? Is that you?" Brad turned around his eyes widened. "Stacy Jackson? I can't believe it." I started to feel uncomfortable and jealous. She's the slut from the party... "Hey! Where have you been I haven't seen you around school?" She glanced at my stomach. "I dropped out because I have to take care of my family." She was speechless for a few minutes then she said, "McKenzie, you're pregnant?" I had to laugh at that. No I stuffed my stomach with a balloon. "Yeah..." Why does it matter? "Is it a girl or a boy?" She asked, but I knew she didn't care. I didn't answer I turned around and continued to look at the menu. So Brad answered, "A beautiful baby girl named Natalie Ann." I rolled my eyes. YOU DON'T CARE, YOU JUST ARE ACTING LIKE YOU DO. "That's awesome! "Well Brad text me sometime we need to hangout!" She hugged him then walked away. "Well Brad text me sometime we need to hangout!" I said mocking her. "You arn't texting her..." He looked at me. "You don't have to be so rude to people. She was just trying to be nice." Whatever nice she's just trying to butt-in to our lives. I shrugged it off and went back to what we were actual there for. Finally we both agreed on a perfect cake. It was a square cake and all the sides were zebra. Then on the top there was a baby pacifier and it said 'Can't wait for you to be here, Natalie Ann!' It was perfect. We almost have everything marked off our list except the food menu. We decided on serving mashed potatoes, chicken, and some vegtables for our main meal. For appetizers we decided on chips and dip, onion rings, and bread sticks. I know it's random. Then for dessert is the baby cake and cupcakes. I'm so excited! I hope everyone gets what I want on my list.

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