Gabrielle's always surrounded by bullies, but finally something good comes into her life; Niall Horan.


2. Hotel


“From One Direction?” I’d overheard the girls from my school talking about him. “So you’ve heard of me?” “Yeah but one question, why would Niall Horan, an international pop-star, care about me?” His smile faded, “Don’t you understand that you’re amazing, and the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, inside and out?” He was starting to convince me he was right. I blushed, “You’re too much Niall!” It was starting to get dark. “Come back to my hotel just to sleepover, since it’s Friday, you won’t have school tomorrow.” My parents wouldn’t care, I disappeared, they knew I could take care of myself. “Ok, but I’d have to go get pajamas, and extra clothes,” “I’ll drive you!” He was too sweet.


Niall’s POV

I wish Ella realized how beautiful she was, I sat thinking on the way to her house. “That’s it, right there.” I stopped the car outside of a massive house. She smiled at me, “I’ll be right back,” Oh god, she was so amazing. Her smile melted my heart. After 5 minutes she came back. “Let’s go!” she said. A couple minutes later she turned to me,  “Niall?” “Yeah?” She turned her body so she was completely facing me, “What am I? I mean, am I a girlfriend, or a friend or……….. “ She paused, “Do you like me, in a romantic way?” I did, I just didn’t know if she felt the same, but it was worth a shot. “Honestly, I think I love you,” I can’t believe I just said that, what if she doesn’t feel the same? We’d only spent a half a day together, but I feel like I’ve known her for years. She broke the silence, “I love you too Niall,” she said quietly. We pulled up to the hotel, luckily no paparrazi in sight. I handed the keys to the valet and went to the other side of the car to help Gabrielle out. I grabbed her hand and we made our way into the hotel.


Gabrielle’s POV

The hotel was beautiful, and as Niall pulled me into the elevator, I turned to him, he was already facing me, and gave him a kiss, on the lips. I pulled away smiling, and saw that he was smiling too. We got to the top floor and he led me to the suite he shared with the boys. He opened the door and I saw four boys sprawled out infront of the TV. A brown haired boy in stripes turned and smiled at me, “Well, well, well, who do we have here Niall?” I tried to hide my blushing, “I’m Gabrielle,” A chorus of greeting came from the boys and they introduced themselves as Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. There was enough space on the couch Louis and Harry were sitting for Niall and me to sit together. Niall had his hand around my waist. I had this weird feeling around him, like I belong with him. It was nice. We sat and watched TV for about hour before Louis was complaining of hunger.

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