The People Who Make My Day - Everyday

This is a long list of Movellians on that truly make my day, everyday. I love them to the moon and back. I appreciate the comments they leave on my stories and even more so when they fan me. Please don't ever forget how much I love you all! =)


2. lindsaylove174

I'm going to be honest. My dearest friends Lindsay has a bit of an unfair advantage. I go to school with this lovely girl. We have been best friends since grade 5 and we have been inseparable since the first day we met. When the time came to move to a different school we both had a decision to make. Lindsay had her heart set on Northwestern and at first so did I. But something inside me pulled me in one other direction.

I was heart broken that we would be going to different schools and I was terrified that we would end up drifting apart. Like so many of my previous friendships.

When I found out she was transferring to my school after march break I was on cloud 9. She was to be my locker partner, she was in every single one of my classes, and we joined the school band together.

Lindsay, your my best friend, and that will never change. <3 

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