The Wicked Widowed Witch

As requested by J.K Bonk


1. The Wicked Widowed Witch

The Wicked Widowed Witch


The Wicked Widowed Witch,

that's what people call me. 

They think I'm a nutter.

'Cause I cooked my husband with gravy.


Is it really that strange,

To put garlic on your groom?

With a mixture of herbs and spices, 

And the head of a mushroom


The brain's really add to the flavour

When I mix it in the pot

Why do people think it's weird? 

Waste not want not.


Finally, the secret ingredient.

Some of his toe nail clippings.

That's it, the stew is made

Time for the very first sipping's.


People don't understand

The problem that I face.

I am mentally un-enhanced

So they lock me in this place.


They say it's his organs

Though I'm not sure it's really him.

What ever it is it works

even with a different limb.


It gives me pleasure though,

to know he's not going to waste

Instead I cook him up,

and create this delicious taste.



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