Stole my heart

A young teenager looks for love in Ireland and finds one perfect boy. But is he rite for her?


1. Love in Ireland

I was a young, 18 year old looking for Ireland. I walked into 'Caffe Clover' like I always do on Tuesdays's.I ordered the usual (a cover shake and a slice  of carrot cake). As I walked back to my table with my breakfast when suddenly...*bumps into boy* "WATCH IT YOU"-! I yelled as i looked up was a Gorgeous, blonde headed, blue eyed, hot leprechaun. "Sorry cunt" He said. "No, i'm sorry. It was rude of me to yell at you like that." I said. He went for my breakfast, "let me yelp you with that" He said "Oh-Uh-Uhhmm thanks" I could feel my face getting red. I hope it wasn't noticeable. "Can i sit?" He asked "That'd be nice" I said "I mean,sure go ahead" I said. "Whats your name?" I asked "Niall. Niall James Horan. And your'es? Asked Niall. "My name is Elianna. Elianna Flores." I answered "Here's my number." He hands me his number and says "Call me sometime?" And walks out the door. That's it, it was final, Niall Horan Stole my heart.

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