Stole my heart

A young teenager looks for love in Ireland and finds one perfect boy. But is he rite for her?


4. Date Time

"You look gorgeous tonight" said Niall . "Thanks. You don't look bad you're self" I said He smiled at me. There was something about this boys smile that i loved. His braces,his lips,his incradable face. "So where are you taking me?" I asked. He laughed a little. "Its a surprise silly" Niall said. As a few more minuets passed, we finally arrived. It was some place called "Luck of the Irish" Irony I thaught to myself "This place is supposed to be good" said Niall. We walked in and we were seated. I ordered a salad and some Spaghetti. Niall ordered a lasagna. "So, where you from? Have any siblings? What about your parents?" "Ireland, Mullingar, yes, 1 baby sis and a baby bro, there twins, and my mom is a nurse, and my dad is a office worker. What about you?" I answered. "Same from here,and yes, a big brother named Greg, mom is a house mom, and dad is a exterminator." He replied After that we talked some more and finished our food. After that he paid and we drove off. And just like that, I FELL IN LOVE <3


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