Dreamer stuck in reality.

Carrington dawson is an average 17 year old girl, living with her single mom and younger brother. One day she just can't take the stress and decides to run away. Through out her journey she meets a few people that change her life. Read more to find out what happens!(:


1. The argument

"Carrington Jade Dawson!" yelled my mom, from downstairs. Oh no, what did I do now?

"What, mom?" I yelled back, as I was trying to think of anything I could've said, or done to get myself into trouble.

"downstairs, NOW!" She yelled, very angrily, which has been common, ever since she lost her job last month.

"Yes madre, you called?" I said, as I creeped closer to the kitchen, where my mom was sitting down at the table, reading something.

"Sit down, Carrington." She said without even looking up from what she was reading.

"Wow, you didn't call me, Carebear. You must be really mad." Ever since I could remember, my mom has always called me Carebear.

"Yes, I am. Would you like to know why?" She asked.

"No, mom. Not at all. I just came rushing down the stairs to say Hi." I said sarcastically, with a smirk on my face, trying to ease the tension. She gave me a rude, yet serious look before returning to what she was reading.

"I was just joking, mom. Well, I see you are reading the phone bill, could that be it?" I asked, hoping she saw the fact that I have been texting a lot less lately.

"No, but the bill has gone down some. That's good. Anyways, guess who I saw at your brothers football practice." She asked, as if I was suppose to know.

"Hmm.. Harry Styles?" I said, as if he would be in North Carolina right now.

"No, and i'm tired of hearing all about this One Direction nonsense, what happened to liking Justin Bieber? Anyways, I saw Kayson, and her dad, Jerry." My mom said, still seeming ill.

"Kay? Hmm..she hasn't texted me all day, that's unusual." Kayson, Kay for short, is my best friend, she's more like a sister to me. I can tell her anything, well, almost.

"Well, when were you planning on telling me you had a job!?" She glared at me, I swear,  she didn't even blink.

"Mom, what do you mean? I don't have a-"

She cut me off, while making herself a cup of coffee.

"This should be good, and don't you dare lie to me. You know how i feel about liars in this house." She said as she finished pouring the coffee into her 'Best mom ever' mug, I gave her, about 7 years ago.

"Wait, first off, what the heck does this have to do with Kay?" I asked, confused.

"Jerry asked me how you were doing at work, he said you told kayson you had a job at..What's it called, that jewelry store, Charming Chase?" She asked. Oh great why would he even bring that up?

"It's Charming Charlie, and he must have me confused with someone else. I would tell you if i ever got a job, you know that." I said, with the most serious look i've probably ever made.

"Oh, cut the crap! I told you, I don't like to be lied to! Kayson even told me that you worked there! Tell me the truth, right now! and God so help me, if you lie to me again, you will be in a hell of a lot of trouble." Her voice escalated by each word he said. Which scared me, because I know how easily she can lose her temper.

"Mom, chill out, can I please explain? It's not at all what you think, honestly." I knew what was about to happen, she would yell at me and then leave the room trying to get the last word. She always does.

"No, you can explain in a week, when you are un-grounded." She left the kitchen, and jogged upstairs, leaving me speechless. Why can't she just let me tell her my side of the story, for once! 

I wanted to run upstairs and sob into my pillow, but I knew that was unreasonable. Instead, I walked upstairs, passing my moms room and trying to avoid any glareshe might be giving me.

I walked into my freshly, lavender painted room, and spotted my iPhone laying on my side table, next to my king size bed, that had a quilt with my named stitched neatly into it. My dad had given it to me when I was 6.

I picked up my iPhone and and noticed I had two unread messages, both from my younger brother, Trenton.

The first one I got read: "Hey Care... I'm at Jasons house, I'll be home for dinner. Do me a quick favor. Unplug my wireless adapter from my xbox and set it on my bed. thanks..love ya."  Typical of Trent, he's always on his xbox.  

I got that messages at 6:57pm and it's now 7:45pm. Time sure does fly by when you are getting yelled at, I suppose.

I read the second one from Trenton: "I'll be home in 15 minutes. Have me a sandwhich when i get home. Haha.. I'm being serious."  Oh, the times I wish I could slap that boy. Then, I realized that message was recieved ten minutes ago, he'll be home any minute!

I ran into his room, which was across the hall from my room. As soon as I walked in, I noticed what an disgusting mess it was, i've always joked about how a dirty room was no way to get a girlfriend. He's 16, he should know better.

I grabbed his adapter and threw it on his bed, but being the nosey sister, I am, I decided to snoop around a bit. I found 20 dollars in a paid of jeans, just lying around.

"Finders, Keepers" I snickered, out loud, and shoved the money into my pocket.

"No, the 'finder' better put the money down, or she is going to find a crusty sock in her mouth when she wakes up!" Said an extremely familiar voice from behind me.

I turned to see Trenton at the doorway, laughing at me.

"Gosh, Trenton! You scared me, you are very quiet." I laughed, as I set the money down next to his adapter.

"So. where is my sandwhich woman?" He asked, in a serious tone, breaking away from our laughter.

"Hmm...Well that will cot you 20 bucks!" i laughed and grabbed the money again, trying to make a run for it before Trenton could get me. Before I reached the doorway, Trenton grabbed me and tackled me to the floor. He's 6'2 & 160 pounds, I'm 5'7 and 115 pounds.

"Ouch!" I yelled as I landed on a pile of God knows what.

"You deserved that!" He said mockingly as he took the money back. "Your sandwhiches aren't worth 5 dollars, let alone 20! I'll just ask mom to make me one." He said, leaving his room.

"Wait, Bad idea!" I yelled after him.

"How come?" He asked narrowing his eyebrows together.

"She's mad, we had another one of our daily arguments." I sighed, knowing this was true.

"What for? Did you drop a pencil and kindly ask her to hand it to you?" He said jokingly, he also knows how easily she can get upset.

"Hush up! She's right next door!" I said, giving him 'The look' which hushed him up, right away.

"Okay, calm down Care. You're almost 18, why do you even bother with mom anymore? Get a job, Make some money, move out. I'll talk to her for you." He said, walking out of the bedroom door. Usually I would chase after him, but it couldn't be bad to atleast give it a try.

I walked out of his room, and into my own. I grabbed my iPhone which was still placed on my side table and I checked the time. It was 8:27pm, the sun was down and I was getting tired. I walked over to my dresser and grabbed a pink abercrombie tanktop and a pair of black sweatpants. I had taken a shower that morning so I just threw the pjs on and walked into my bathroom.

I quickly brushed my teeth and grabbed my hairbrush and brushed through my long, blonde hair. It's naturally straight, so I didn't have to brush it much. I looked closely at my appearance, my eyes were baby blue today, instead of the usual bright green. I smiled, a fake smile. I walked out of my bathroom and crawled into my bed. I placed my iPhone into my iHome on my side table.  I turned on  'I wish' by One Direcion and flipped my pillow over to the cold side, just the way I like it.

Just as I was drifting to sleep, my bedroom door opened and my lights came on, practically blinding me."

"Hey Care. You asleep?"

I looked up, with one eye opened, to see Trenton at my doorway.

"I was trying to, what do you need,Trent?" I said, in a very unattractive, groggy voice.

"Okay, well i'll be at Jason's house tomorrow. So, i just wanted to say, I love you. Oh, it's only 8:45..why are you already going to sleep?" He said, finally turning off my lights, and putting me out of my misery.

"Love you too, Trenty-wenty" I said, laughing. "and just because, it hasn't been the best day for me." I said, hoping he would understand and let me sleep.

"Okay, you need your beauty sleep, I wouldn't blame you!" He said teasing me back.

"Oh, and Care?" He said.

"Yes, Trenton?" Good lord, leave me alone already! I thought to myself.

"Whenever you kiss him! I'm breaking!!!" He started singing and flipping his brown hair along to my music, which i forgot was still playing. I must have had 'I wish' on repeat.

"Oh, shut it Trent!" I said, laughing as he left my room. He left my door wide opened, he knows how i hate that.

As I got up to close my door, my mother stopped me in my tracks. She turned on my lights, once again, blinding me.

"Going to be pretty early, huh?" She said sounding normal, not so upset anymore.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired." I said, truthfully.

"Get some rest, we will talk tomorrow, and remember, I do love you even if you think I don't." She smiled, and turned off my lights, as she left my room, closing my door.

I turned around and walked over to my bed, crawled in and smiled. It was a real smile this time.

'Moments' by One direction was palying now. I started to drift to sleep, right as Niall's solo came on. His harmonic voice was so soothing. I finally felt as though everything had turned out right.

I fell asleep, excited about clearing the air, with my mom, the next day.

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