Dreamer stuck in reality.

Carrington dawson is an average 17 year old girl, living with her single mom and younger brother. One day she just can't take the stress and decides to run away. Through out her journey she meets a few people that change her life. Read more to find out what happens!(:


2. Kayson's call

The sun was shining through my window as I awoke. I got out of bed, and checked the time. 7:56 in the morning, I doubt anyone else was up, and out of bed. I went to the bathroom and brushed my  teeth and hair. I took off my pajamas and threw on a light pink flowy shirt, and a pair of skinny jeans. I put on my brand new dark blue vans and walked out of my room, and into Trenton's. He was asleep, just as I expected. I decided to run downstairs and fix something for breakfast. I soon settled on making blue berry muffins.

I put the batter in the muffin pan, and put it in the oven. They would be done in about 20 minutes, so to pass time I decided to run upstairs, to my room, and clean up a bit. as if I needed to, my room was always spotless.

As soon as I walked in, I heard my phone ring.I walked over to it, and picked it up to see who it was. It was kayson. I answered immediately.

"Kay! What's up, girly?"  I asked,  Happily.

"We need to talk." She said, with no emotion, which was very unusual. She's always so bubbly.

"You okay? You sound upset.." I asked, worried.

"I'm fine, can you meet me at starbucks, around 5?" She asked, still emotionless.

"Uhh, yeah! my agenda's clear for today! I'll see ya there." I told her.

"Okay, see you then, Carrington." She said, as she hung up the phone, before I could even say goodbye. That upset me, but what upset me the most was that she called me Carrington, she has alwasy called me Care. Her and Trenton are the ONLY ones that are allowed to call me Care.

It was 8:15am, still 15 minutes until the muffins were done. I came to the conclusion that my room couldn't get any cleaner. I decided I would braid my hair, so that when 5 o'clock rolls around, I can unbraid it, and it will be wavy. Though, I don't need to look nice for Kay, she has seen me at my very worse, plenty of times. She's gorgeous though, Shoulder-length brown hair. Hazel eyes, hidden behind glasses. An imperfectly, perfect smile. I would kill to look like her for just one day!

After I finished braiding my hair, It was about 8:25am. I ran downstairs to check on the muffins, which I could smell from my room. Delicious.  

As soon as I went into the kitchen, I saw Trenton sitting down at the table. A grin stretched across his face as soon as he saw me.

"Who's the best sister ever?" He shoted out, before I could tell him goodmorning.

"Hmm...is it me?" I asked, cheekily.

"It depends, who are those muffins for?" He asked, as if I could eat one dozen muffins, all by myself.

"Whoever is hungry, I guess." I said, as I put on a oven mitt, and pulled the muffins out of the oven and set them on a cooling rack.

"I'm hungry!" He exclaimed.

"Trenton, you are always hungry." I said, with an emphasis on the word 'always.' It was true, that boy would eat anything.

I grabbed two muffins, before Trenton could stuff them all in his mouth.

I walked upstairs and checked to see if mom was awake. She wasn't, I decided to wake her up, and offer her a muffin. I finished my muffin, and I hate to brag, but it was pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I walked into my mom's room, it's such a huge room and she gets it all to herself. 

I walked over to her bed and shook her to wake her up.

"Who are you and what do you want?"  She said, as she rolled over, looking towards me.

"Well good morning to you too, mom!" I said, sarcastically. I honestly believe I got my sarcasm from Trenton, everything he says comes out sarcastically, and I guess it caught on to me.

"I don't feel to goo, I just need my rest." She said, groggily. 

"Oh well, would you like a muffin? They are fresh out of the oven!" I said as I handed her a muffin.

"You didn't poison it, did you?" She joked. I Laughed at the thought. I might have if it was yesterday. Today is a new day though, a new start.

"Oh man, you are on to me!" I said, also joking around. "But no, I didn't, and enjoy the muffin." I said, walking towards her bedroom door.

"Oh, and mom?" I said, remembering something.

"Yes?" she answered, taking a bite out of her muffin.

"Would I be able to borrow the car this afternoon, around 5?" I asked, hoping she would forget about grounding me yesterday.

"What for?" She asked.

"Kay wants me to meet her at starbucks today, she said she needed to have a talk with me."

"When should I be expecting you home?" She said, hinting that I can go.

"Probably around  6, I shouldn't be long." I said hoping she wouldn't need the car at that time."

"Okay, you can use it, and don't think I forgot about yesterday, we will talk later." She said, as she rolled over in her covers. 

I Left her room, a happier person. It was about 9 in the morning. I decided to go downstairs and watch a movie to pass time.

I walked downstairs and into the living room. Trenton was laying on the couch with a backpack next to him.

"Hey Trent, what's the backpack for?" I asked, as I sat down on the couch opposite from the one he was on.

It's the stuff i'm bringing to Jason's house, I told you I was going to stay the night there. I told you that, yesterday, 'member?" he said, reminding me.

"I just didn't know you would be leaving this early, but anyways, what are you watching?" I asked, looking over at some kid show that was on TV.

"It's the wonderpets! You know, It's Lenny, Tuck, and Mingming, too! Were wonderp-" I cut him off before he could finish singing.

"I know the song! Why are you watching a kids show?" I asked, laughing.

"Oh Care, you of all people should know that I need to let the inner kid in me breathe!" He said, right as the doorbell rang.

"That's my ride!" Trent said as he grabbed his backpack and opened the door for Jason.

Jason and Trent are almost as close as Kay and I are. Jason and Trent have been best friends since preschool, just like Kayson and I.

Jason has blonde flipped out hair, blue eyes, he's about a foot taller than me. He's really cute, it's too bad he's only 16.

"Bye, Care!" Trent said, waving to me.

"Bye, have fun, Trent!" I said back to him.

"Bye, babe! And may I say, you look extra fine today!" Jason said, winking at me.

"No, you may not. But bye, kiddo." I said, acknowledging the fact that he's a bit too young for me.

We all laughed and then they left, I was bored and still had about 8 hours left until I see Kay.

I was going to watch a few movies, to pass rime, as I had already planned to. Then, I remembered the phone call, I was anxious to know what Kayson wanted to talk about.   


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