Staying Strong Isn't Easy

Allison Rose is living the perfect life with her fiance of three years, she's sure they are deep in love. Then comes along the night that changes her whole life and her world goes spinning. Her parents had gotten in a car crash, her dad should recover soon. On the other hand, her mother is in terrible condition and it affects Allison majorly. Allison doesn't know how to cope with her depression and takes it all out on her fiance. Will they make it through this battle or with she break down and leave?


6. The Passing


"Visitor for Rebecca and Collin Rose" I told the woman at the reception desk, no Caroline this time. She handed me a visitor's pass. I walked down the hall until I hit my dad's room and I stayed with him for about an hour, that's when Jake finally texted back. He would be able to come around seven o'clock.


I said goodbye to my dad and went to see my mom. I was more eager to see her than worried. I knocked on the door and it creaked as I opened it slowly. She smiled.


"Hey mom" I said.


She shifted over to the right side of the bed and patted the mattress, telling me to sit down.


"It's your bed, you need it. I'm fine right here" I said as I sat back in the hospital chair.


"No, I want you to sit with me" she demanded.


I smiled and sat next to her. I wrapped my arms around her just like she did to me when I was little. Just an hour alone with my mom. She was so silent, just blissfully silent. I love my mom. She's my best friend. The one who has helped me through tears, through break ups, and bullies. The one who loves me no matter what. She's the beautiful woman that has taught be to be a well-rounded lady. She's the one who has showed me it's okay to be myself and like who I am.


"I love you, Allison. You're my beautiful little girl. You've become the perfect little lady I always imagined. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was changing your diapers and feeding you from a bottle. Now look, you're already engaged. I'm so proud of you Allison. I love you." My mom calmly said to me. Tears poured from my eyes, I silently cried so my mom wouldn't know. I was trying to stay strong for her but I had so much fear built up inside me.


I cleared my throat and replied "I love you too mom. You're the woman I look up to. You've taught me so much. We've been through thick and thin, there's so many more times to come. I still have my wedding next year and...” Mom started groaning and I could tell by the clenched look on her face she was pain. I asked her what I could do to help her get more comfortable but she seemed dazed and her eyes started to roll back. I was scared and flew up from the bed, ran out to the nurses’ station, and demanded for someone to help my mom.


A herd of hospital staff members entered my mother's room. Nurses hovered over her and began speaking medical jargon I couldn't understand. I stood in the hall, helpless and numb until one of the staff members had to move me in order to pull a huge cart into my mom’s room. I knew what that cart was, it was a ''crash cart'', I had seen them those cheesy hospital shows. My mom didn't need that. That was for people who were dying.


I watched them work on my mom for what felt like forever before someone finally came over and took me to the waiting room. I explained to them that my mother only had some bruising and a broken leg. I was certain this was all a mistake, she was going to be fine. The lady told me I needed to call someone to come keep me company and prepare for the worst.


I dialed Josh who was in my dad's room and had him come sit with me in the waiting room. I was crying like a new born child, he was holding me. We waited in the room forever until the lady came out and waved her hand for us to come with her. She took us in a private spot and said "We tried our best. I am so sorry. You can see her one last time."


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