Staying Strong Isn't Easy

Allison Rose is living the perfect life with her fiance of three years, she's sure they are deep in love. Then comes along the night that changes her whole life and her world goes spinning. Her parents had gotten in a car crash, her dad should recover soon. On the other hand, her mother is in terrible condition and it affects Allison majorly. Allison doesn't know how to cope with her depression and takes it all out on her fiance. Will they make it through this battle or with she break down and leave?


1. The Call


"What hospital?" I asked my brother over the phone as tears were forming in my eyes.


"Marlton" he answered.


I hung up the phone hastily as I jumped out of Caleb's arms that were wrapped around me and grabbed my keys on the table. Caleb, my fiancé, gave me a look of confusion as he stood from the recliner.


"My mom. I'll tell you when we get in the car. Come on, hurry up!" I shouted as he ran and got his shoes on. I sprinted out the door without closing it behind me. I ran to the car and put the key in the ignition, waiting for Caleb to join me. Soon enough, he ran out the house and buckled himself in the passenger seat and I sped off down the road.


The ride was silent. I was numb. The only feeling I could feel was fear. Fear that she wouldn't survive.


Caleb was pressed back in his seat, holding onto the handle on the ceiling of the car.


"So, what's happening?" Caleb asked worriedly.


"My mom and dad were on their way back from his company dinner and..." tears started to build up in my eyes and I stopped talking. I couldn't say it. I couldn't face the fact that my parents had just been in a car crash. It devastated me, just the thought of it. Caleb grabbed my free hand that wasn't on the wheel and rubbed my palm with his thumb. I blinked and all the tears streamed down my face. I continued my sentence while stuttering through my words "They were hit. The stranger's car hit my dad's car from the side. The right side, where my mom was sitting. He's bruised but he'll be okay. On the other hand, my mom isn't going to recover very soon."


Caleb stopped rubbing my hand, he didn't say a word. I never looked up from the road to see Caleb's reaction. The silence lasted until we arrived at the hospital. 

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