Staying Strong Isn't Easy

Allison Rose is living the perfect life with her fiance of three years, she's sure they are deep in love. Then comes along the night that changes her whole life and her world goes spinning. Her parents had gotten in a car crash, her dad should recover soon. On the other hand, her mother is in terrible condition and it affects Allison majorly. Allison doesn't know how to cope with her depression and takes it all out on her fiance. Will they make it through this battle or with she break down and leave?


10. "I'm so scared."


I came home early from the funeral I couldn't stay there any longer. I walked in the house and Caleb had dinner made for me already. Lasagna. He's not the best cook, but it was sweet. He smiled at me as I walked in the kitchen. He had oven mitts on, holding the hot pan. He sat the pan on the table and came over to hug me. I hugged him back and kissed him on the cheek. I then slipped off my uncomfortable high heels and threw them on the ground.


We ate dinner and barely said a word. I went upstairs and changed out of my little black dress, leaving Caleb downstairs.


"Hun, are you okay?" Caleb asked me as he walked in the room.


"Just fine" I lied to him as I threw my hair up in a bun, not even looking at him walk in the room.


He fell back onto the bed. I laid next to him, staring at the ceiling. I felt him looking at me out the corner of my eye. I turned to my left and smiled at him. Sometimes I feel like I've ignored him and treated him wrong and he deserves better. He leaned in and we kissed until I pulled away and looked in his eyes. I jumped off the bed and stood at the end as he lifted himself off his elbows and sat up straight.


"What's wrong?" He asked, confused.


Everything was wrong. Everything. How am I supposed to answer that question when nothings right?


"Nothing" I replied while stuttering.


I folded over the sheets and made myself comfortable under them. Caleb laid next to me. I turned to my side so that I was facing him. I just stared at his perfect complexion for a while until he turned to look at me.


I gently laid my hand on his cheek and said "Caleb?"




"I'm so scared." I replied as a tear rolled down my cheek. I pulled my hand away from Caleb to wipe my tears.


He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer as he curiously asked "Of what?"


"Us. What I have become. What we're becoming. I'm a different person, I'm not the same and I don't like it. I don't like myself. We're drifting apart, we're changing. Ever since her death, my whole world is spinning and changing rapidly. I need time to find myself again, to find the old Allison."


"I love either Allison. You're only upset. I would be too if my mom died. If time is what you need, I can leave you alone. If that's what you need to make yourself happy again, I'm fine with that."


He kissed me and told me goodnight like he does every night. I silently cried myself to sleep.

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